Everything About World’s First Ever Digital Circuit Breaker

Everything About World's First Ever Digital Circuit Breaker

While the new technology was constantly developing in every field throughout the world, the circuit breaker technology was working on the same format for the last several years, It seemed that more development of technology is not possible in this area. But it is said that technology can change anything, you just need to know how to use that technology at the right time in the right place, and Atom Power Inc did the same. Atom Power Inc replaced the usual Circuit Breaker with the digital circuit breaker. And as well as doing so Atom Power Inc became the first company that successfully invented the world’s first Digital Circuit Breaker.

Although this is not the first time when anyone has taken any step towards inventing the digital circuit breaker, But in the history of commercial power distribution this is the first time that a digital solid-state circuit breaker has been listed by UL. Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the governing standard for consumer safety, listed Atom Power’s invented digital circuit breaker under UL489 categories, the standard listings for circuit breakers and power semiconductors.

Circuit breakers which we are using currently are simple electromechanical switches. If the current exceeds a certain level through a small electromagnet, then the energy of the magnet throws off a mechanical switch. The whole mechanical process of protecting an electrical circuit from the damage of a short circuit takes a few milliseconds. Few milliseconds!!, Well it seems a quite fast process but only as long as we do not know about Atom Power’s Digital Circuit Breaker because this new digital circuit breaker works 3,000 times faster than the normal circuit breaker.

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The digital circuit breaker is a large silicon carbide transistor circuit Which measures the current load and shut down the transistor when the current level is exceeding up from the safe limit to the hazardous level. The user has options to wire the panel, either the user can wire the panel into a closed LAN network or into a wireless router, but the circuit breaker can run autonomously without an online connection. There is also a very important role of silicon carbide transistors behind the successful working process of this digital circuit breaker, the silicon carbide transistors are capable to work at higher temperatures and switching speeds.

This new digital circuit breaker from Atom Power uses solid-state semi-conductors and software to manage and control the flow of power and consolidates the functionality of many disaggregated commercial power components into a single device. And it is the first time when every power source is fed at one point to control the flow of energy and to manage the building needs immediately. This Circuit Breaker can detect in short circuit and cuts it off in 10 microseconds.

Everything About the World's First Ever Digital Circuit Breaker

About replacing the usual mechanical circuit breaker with this new digital circuit breaker, Ryan Kennedy, The CEO, and co-founder of Atom Power said that “It’s like going from a telephone that just makes calls to a smartphone with capabilities we’d never imagined before.” He also added that “This is a platform that changes everything in power systems.”

This new circuit breaker of Atom Power itself has an all-in-one package that gives you features such as monitor energy use, control heating and lighting, charge electric cars at off-peak times, and switch between solar panels and the grid, etc. for which often people used different electronic equipments. The Ceo Of Atom Power, Kennedy also mentioned this point he said that “The breaker can perform the functions that a dozen different pieces of equipment do today.”

For this project, Siemens, ABB, and Eaton which are the largest circuit breaker manufacturers have invested in Atom Power. “Siemens is proud to be on the forefront of energy innovation, and we’re committed to building partnerships with companies on the leading edge of electrification, automation, and digitization,” said John DeBoer, Director of eMobility and New Energy Business, Siemens.

There is still a hindrance in reaching this amazing invention to the people easily, and that is the high cost of this circuit breaker. The CEO of the company himself has confirmed that the price of their digital circuit breaker can be up to 2 to 5 times as compared to the mechanical circuit breaker. However, he also believes that the industrial customers will not worry about the high cost to buy a smart, safest and securest facility.

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So that is everything about the world’s first ever Digital Circuit Breaker, such as why it is needed and how this digital circuit breaker works and etc. For more information about pre-ordering this new circuit breaker, you can visit the official website of Atom Power. Hopefully now you have fully known this new circuit breaker, but still, if you have any questions or confusions in your mind about this new invention so you can ask us in the comments section.


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