Everything About The Upcoming Disney Plus Service

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So today we will talk about Disney’s new streaming service Disney plus. Disney, which is a 95 years old and the most successful cartoon studio company in the world for many years, is going to release another new service along with many of its other services such as Disney Theme Parks, Theater Groups, Consumer Products, Movies, and the name of this new service is Disney Plus. probably many of you have already heard about this service, because Disney had mentioned its service even a while back, but then there was very little information unveiled about it. But now Disney has shared its full information, so let’s know the about this service and start with the response to the question, What is Disney Plus Service?

What Is Disney Plus Service

So as I mentioned above Disney Plus is an online videos streaming platform from Disney. Through this service, Disney wants to bring all its content to an online platform and display it in front of the world, where people can easily see their favorite shows and movies. Disney Plus service was first announced in August 2017, but at that time only a few information was given about this service and it was said that the service will be released very soon but no definite date was declared. But recently, through a statement, Disney released all the information about this new streaming service, from its release to its availability. However before this statement, it seemed as if Disney had stopped Disney Plus project and now it will not be released, but now after this statement, everything has been cleared about the releasing of Disney plus service.

Releasing Date Of Disney Plus Service

After passing the long interval of 1.5 years since the first announcement, now finally Disney has set a certain date for the release of the Disney Plus, and the date is 12, November 2019. The Disney Plus service will go Online on November 12, 2019, through the App and the web services. In the beginning, this service will release for only the United States and after that, it will be released for all the remaining countries. Although Disney did not reveal any fix date for the releasing of Disney plus in other countries but as per the reports Disney wants to do it within the next two years. And to find out if and when Disney+ is launching in your area you can register for email updates at DisneyPlus.com.

Subscription Charges For Disney Plus Service

Like many other online video streaming services such as Netflix, and Hulu, Disney Plus will also be a premium service for which you will have to buy a monthly or yearly subscription plan. The price of a basic monthly subscription plan of Disney Plus service will be $6.99 per month and the price of yearly subscription of Disney+ will be $69.99 per year. If seen, the prices of these two monthly and yearly subscription plans are quite attractive as it is quite cheap compared to other competitive streaming services.

What Content You Will Get On Disney Plus

This is the thing which everyone wants to know before purchasing the subscription plan of any streaming service, so like many other streaming services you will also get lots of web shows and movies on Disney+. To attract people, Disney plans to release 25 original series and 10 original films and many original documentaries within the first year. You will also witness a lots original programming on Disney plus within the first year, Original programming includes The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and WandaVision from Marvel, Forky Asks a Question and Lamp Life from Pixar, The World According to Jeff Goldblum from National Geographic, and The Phineas and Ferb Movie from Disney. Apart from the new original shows and movies, you will get so many old and your favorite Disney content also on Disney Plus and 30 seasons of The Simpsons is one of them. Along with these, Disney will also bring you more than 7,500 television episodes and 500 movies.

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What Devices Will Disney plus Support?

Initially, the Disney plus service will be released for only a few devices, including Gaming Consoles PlayStation 4, Media streaming devices such as Roku, smart TVs and etc. Disney has not yet released any information about the release of Disney plus on any device other than the above-mentioned devices but seeing Disney’s other plans, it looks like, Disney plus Will also be available on all major devices very soon.

So that is everything about Disney’s upcoming online video streaming service Disney Plus from its releasing to its availability. Hopefully, now you know what actually Disney plus service but still if you any questions and confusion about this new platform so you can ask us in the comments section.


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