Everything About One Of The Hardest Math Problem P vs NP Problem

Everything About One Of The Hardest Math Problem P vs NP Problem
Image Credit: The Intrepid Mathematician

The next problem involving in Millennium Problems list is P vs NP. This problem seems to be quite easy, but it is one of the most complex problems in Math, which has not yet been solved. According to CMI, This problem asks that,

“If it is easy to check that the solution to any problem is correct, then is it also easy to solve that problem?”

I already told you that this problem seems easy but it is not, let me clear you, so in P vs NP Problem, the P stands for polynomial and the NP stands for nondeterministic polynomial time, in easy words, in this problem P used for problems that are easy to solve for computers, and NP used for problems that are not easy to solve for computers, but are easy for computers to check.

Questions related to this problem will often keep coming to you, which are not easy to solve, for which you have to go through every possible combination. However, if we find answers to those questions, it is very easy to check them. That means All P problems are also NP problems, but still, the main question remains unsolved that Are P problems and NP problems the same type of problem? Or, there are some problems that are easy to check but they cannot be solved easily?

Like other Millennium Problems, prize money of $1 million is also proposed for this question, and if you will solve it, you will get $1 million from CMI. So this is everything about P vs NP problem, still, if you have any questions about this problem so you can share with us in the comments section.

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