Everything About World’s First Puncture Proof Tires

worlds first puncture proof tires airless tires tires that will be never puncture latest tire
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Highlights: want to use puncture proof tires? So be ready because General Motors (GM) and Michelin are working to release the world’s first airless tires for vehicles and very soon it will be available in the market…

Most of us use vehicles, whether it be a car, a bike or a scooter and we all became very frustrated at the time when the air in the tires of our vehicles decreases or the tire become puncture, It happens with all of us, doesn’t it? But what if I tell you that we should use such tires, which never gonna punctured? Although you all want to buy such kind of tires, but I know right now you will not believe on my words, but very soon you will, because very soon such tires are going to be available in the market, which will never be punctured.

General Motors (GM) and Michelin are working together on this amazing project, which is in its final stages and in the next few years we will be able to use tires that will never be puncture. Tires built in this co-project of General Motors (GM) and Michelin have been named UPTIS. UPTIS itself is not a word, it is a short form, UPTIS is stands for “Unique Puncture-proof Tire System.” The Unique Puncture-proof Tire System (UPTIS) was first introduced to the world in 2017 during the Movin’On Summit for sustainable mobility. These tires will not be made from any special metal that cannot be punctured, but these tires will be airless, these tires will not be filled with air just like the tires currently being used, and for this reason, these tires will not be puncture nor will burst.

These puncture-proof tires are an upgraded version of the Tweel system that was introduced in 2005. From the time of the Tweel system’s disclosure, Michelin had the concept of making airless tires, but it took quite a while to give this unbelievable project a realistic look. Although Tweel is used only in non-passenger vehicles such as construction vehicles or vehicles used in the field, but uptis will be different, these airless tires will be used in both passenger and non-passenger vehicles.

worlds first puncture proof tires airless tires tires that will be never puncture latest tires
image credit: michelin

Benefits Of Puncture Proof Tires

There is not just one but there are many benefits of the puncture proof tires or airless tires, and from those some of the major advantages are…

  • We all know the main benefit of puncture proof tires and that is, these tires will never be puncture.
  • In the production of these airless tires, there will be very little use of both raw material and energy so that both of these will be substantially saved.
  • According to GM, the number of useless tires in the whole year has reached 200 million, which is continuously increasing and damaging our environment, and the use of airless tires can decrease it, because these tires are puncture proof, So that the chances of tires damage will be greatly reduced, and the garbage of old tires will not accumulate.
  • Often we see on roads that, a running vehicle becomes uncontrollable because of tire burst or puncture, and due to which many accidents happen. But using airless tires can save us from these kinds of accidents because these tires will never be puncture or burst.

So these are some of the major benefits of airless or puncture proof tires.

Price And Availability

As I mentioned, the Unique Puncture-proof Tire System project is in its last phase, according to General Motors, they are planning to start testing of airless tires on their Michigan-based Bolt Electic Vehicle (EVs) later this year, And if everything goes well then this test will start soon. The aim of both companies is to release these puncture proof tires in the market by 2024.

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Now let’s talk about price, so the prices of these puncture proof tires or airless tires have not been announced yet, even so far it has not been revealed that these airless tires will be available for which vehicles. But according to some reports, both companies want to release these tires for aircraft and rental vehicles first, and later these tires will be available for all types of vehicles.

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So this is everything about the puncture proof tires or airless tires, hopefully, today’s our article will prove useful to you. Still, if you have any questions in your mind so you can ask us in the comments section.


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