Best Alternatives Of Google Adsense

Best Alternatives of Google Adsense

Everyone who is in the field of blogging or knowing about it is aware of the name of Google Adsense. And if we asked them then their first choice would be Adsense only. But what if we could not get the Adsense approval, or our Content is against Adsense policies, or our Adsense account blocks, I know these are the disappointing conditions for any blogger, but instead of being frustrated, we should adopt its alternatives. Yes, there are lots of alternatives of Google Adsense are available but we never try to find them. So here I am sharing top 10 most profitable alternatives of Google Adsense, for those who want to be a professional blogger and want to earn money from blogging.

Five Best Alternatives Of Google Adsense

So here we are sharing top five best alternatives of google adsense and their payment policy..

Adsterra Ads Network

Adsterra Ads Networks Alternatives of Google AdsenseAdsterra is one of the finest alternatives of Google Adsense, it is one of the fastest growing networks and trusted by lots of big brands. At present, It is serving more than 10 billion ad impressions monthly. It works all over the world with a great supporting team, which available for you 24 hours. It has so many features but the one who is most impressive is its high CPM. Let’s check its payment policy.

Payment policy – The first rule is same as Adsense and which is, you have minimum $100 for first withdrawal and for wire transfer you need minimum $1000 dollars. There are payment runs in a month and the dates for the payment are fixed, the first date is 1-2 and the second date is 16-17. It also gives you so many options for accepting payments, PayPal, e-banking, wire transfer, Bitcoin, Payza, Webmoney, Paxum, Skrill. So you can try this one and I think you will its services.

Media.Net Ads Networks Alternatives of Google AdsenseMedia.Net the second best alternatives of Google Adsense and a leading technology company which develops innovative digital advertising products. The Adsense of is available for yahoo and bing. The working way of is quite the same as Google Adsense, even the advertisements that provides are almost like Google Adsense. Where other Adsense provider takes average 5 to 7 days for approval, take only 2 days for reviewing and approving your account. They have more than 500 employees team to give you their best service without any interruption. Now take a look at their payment policy.

Payment Policy – also follow the main rule of withdrawal and that is, you need a minimum $100 in your Adsense account for withdrawal. It allows you to accept payment via Payoneer, PayPal, and Wire Transfer.

OIO Publisher

OIO Ads Publisher Alternatives of Google AdsenseOIO publisher is something different from other Adsense services because it is a WordPress plugin. It gives you the access to monetize your blog by managing your own advertisements. Its take some time to set up this plugin but after that it easy to use it. It gives you a advertisements marketplace and from there you can recruit advertiser easily and the marketplace also helps to find new advertisers. You only need to make your website attractive with good content and user-friendly interface because it is important to impress the advertisers. And once they agreed to work with you then you don’t need to share your earnings with any mediator. You will get your payment upfront from the adviser without any delay. It gives you all the control So you can use it in your own way. Now let’s take a look at its payment policy.

Payment Policy – There is two type of payment policy, first that you to have pay and second that you will earn. So it is a premium plugin so you have to pay overall $47 for it and then you will get the access to it. It will not take any amount or any charge from your earning so it is a profit deal for you. All you have to do is submit your PayPal account details there. And if an advertiser has to place his advertisement on your blog then he will click on the box where he wants to publish his ad and it will take the advertiser directly to your payment details page. So a very simple way to pay without any third party Interference.

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PopAds Network 

PopAds Network Alternatives of Google AdsensePopAd network is One the best competitor and alternatives of Google AdSense. The reason why people to use this is, it accepts monetizing for all kind of blogs, no matter it has adult content, pornography, illegal content, it allows all. And it doesn’t require any kind of minimum traffic for providing its services. Recently PopAds network added a new option and with that blogger can reject ads which they don’t want to publish. PopAd network always believes to give the best security services to both the blogger and advertiser. So let’s take a look at its payment policy.

Payment Policy – PopAds has the best payments policy which helpful for both new bloggers and professional bloggers. It gives you a high Cost Per Mile service. Where many Adsense service providers require a minimum of $100 at the time of withdrawal, you can withdraw the minimum $5 through it. You can also select the auto pay mode for receiving the payment. It allows only two modes for payment PayPal and Payoneer.

Propeller Ad Media Network 

Propeller Ads Network Alternatives of Google AdsenseIt is one of the fastest growing networks in the Advertisement Industry. It gives you a user-friendly interface so you can easily access it. It helps you to choose advertisements which suits on your blog, in simple words, it gives you few different ad options and you can select the option which is one you think perfectly relates to your blog. Propeller Ads has more than 700 million daily ad impression from all over the world. So let’s take a look at its payment policy.

Payment Policy – Propeller ad network allows you to withdraw a minimum amount of $25 but there is a condition for this and that is, this offer is only for those people who have applied for propeller ads after 1 oct 2017. It also gives you so many options for payments, which is PayPal, credit card, Payoneer, Bank transfer, e-payment, Webmoney.

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So these are the five best alternatives of Google AdSense. So if your Google Adsense does not get approved, or you need a new AdSense account with new features, then this article will help you. And if you have any questions about these alternatives of Google Adsense so write us down in the comments box.


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