You Never Knew These Amazing Facts About Stan Lee

Most Amazing facts about stan lee you never knew

Stan Lee is such a person who gave life to so many superheroes with the power of his writing and today there is a different and special place in our heart for those superheroes. Stan Lee always tried to tell through his comic books and his characters that a common man and a superhero both are same, both of them have to fight with troubles and troublemakers. And one thing he always used to say is that great powers always come with great responsibilities. Born in 1922, Stan Lee himself created many superheroes characters like Hulk, Spiderman, Dr. Strange, and the whole world knows them today but the question is that, does the world knows Stan Lee? Do you know Stan lee completely? So on the demise of that great comic man, we are giving a respectful tribute to him. And for that here we are sharing some Amazing facts about stan lee which you do not know…

Most Amazing Facts About Stan Lee

So here we are presenting the Best 12 most amazing facts about stan lee which most probably you don’t know.

1. “Stanley Martin Lieber” is the real name of Stan Lee. Because he wanted to use his full name just while writing novels, so he changed his name and he is now famous as the same name.

2. Stan started his career as an assistant at Timely comics (which is now known as Marvel Comics) in 1939. And he got his first break there when he wrote his first full comic “Captain America“.

Most Interesting and amazing facts about Stan lee3. This is one of the best amazing facts about stan lee which most people don’t know and that is, Stan Lee has also worked with DC Comics but for once. He worked for a DC project named “Just Imagine Vol 1″ where he reimagined the DC superheroes such as Superman, wonder women etc.

4. When Stan Lee was 40 years old he wanted to quit comic writing job because of his age but then his wife and his son encouraged him to write new superheroes character and that’s how he created the characters of fantastic four in 1961.

5. After the fantastic four characters, Stan Lee created one of our most favorite character incredible Hulk. But most of us don’t know that The Hulk was not always green, it was first made of gray but due to some issue in the printer, its print turned out green. And later the character of hulk was very liked in this form.

secrets and amazing facts about stan lee6. Stan Lee has been honored with Comic’s Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame in 1994 and Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1995. Not only that in the year 2008 he received the National Medal Of Arts also from US President George W. Bush.

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7. This is also one of the most amazing facts about Stan Lee and which is, most of the people think that Spiderman is the creation of Stan Lee but that is not proved because there is a historical dispute between Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby as to who created the characters of Spiderman.

secrets and amazing facts about stan lee8. In that list, there is another interesting fact about Spider-Man’s character and that happened in 1987 when in the Comic, Spiderman married Mary Jane, so for Spiderman fans, marvel organize an event at Shea Stadium in New York where two actors played Spiderman and Mary Janes role and acted the scene of their marriage. Stan himself officiated the wedding ceremony but unfortunately because of some work issue he didn’t attend that ceremony.

9. Stan Lee has had a cameo role in 17 movies so far, and many of us know this thing but do you the reason behind it? So the reason is that Marvel signed a contract with Stan Lee for their comic characters and there is one clause in the contract specifies that Stan Lee must appear in any film based on one of his characters.

10. Not only in the movies Stan Lee had also cameos in other shows, such as “The Simpsons” and “Phineas and Ferb”. He has also played an important role in another famous show Pawan Stars, where he used to check signatures on the old Famous comics that the signature is real or not.amazing facts about stan lee

11. I don’t know you noticed or not but The first letter of the first name of many of his characters is also the first letter of their last name, like Peter Parker, Bruce Banner. But that is not a coincidence, he deliberately did this because his memory was a little bit weak and that was easier for him to remember all the characters names.

12. Once stan lee asked for his favorite villain from Marvel which he would want to become and he answered “Dr. Doom” because He believes that Dr. Doom is misunderstood person or character and that just because he wants to rule the world doesn’t mean that he is 100% a villain.

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So these are some amazing facts about stan lee, one of the greatest comic book writer of all time. There is still a lot of characters in Stan Lee’s comics who have yet to come to the big screen. He will always be alive in their designated characters. We wish him the peace of their soul, and a great thanks to legend from our to make our childhood and youth so beautiful from their stories. Thank you, Sir Stan Lee. And If you also know any other amazing facts about stan lee, so share with us in the comments section.


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