Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Day Service

    What Is Amazon Day Service

    For their more than 100 million of prime users, Amazon always keeps releasing some special services, such as Ad free videos, movies and music, One day delivery, and now keeping this sequence, Amazon has released a new Amazon Day service for Amazon Prime Members. So let’s know first, after all what amazon day service actually is?

    Amazon Day Service

    So Amazon Day is the newest released service by Amazon for its prime members only. After same-day delivery service, this is the second delivery service by Amazon. With Amazon Day service, Amazon allows its prime members to select one day of the week as their delivery day. That means if you’re a prime user and you want to order few things and also wants to get the order on a particular day, so that time this new service will help you to do so. So now let’s know how you can use Amazon Day service…

    How Can You Use Amazon Day Service

    So using Amazon day is so easy, first you have to select the day and the time for a particular day delivery, then add items which you want to purchase and after that all the items that you have selected will be organised as a group and delivered on the day and time that you have selected in the beginning. And that’s how you will get all your purchased item on your chosen day.

    Amazon Day service is especially helpful for working people who live alone and who have only one day leave in the week, and through this service, they can get their shipment on their selected day or on the day of their Holiday. Using this service is also helpful for all of us, because if we use this service effectively, it could help us to save our shipment from stealing and also can cut down on unnecessary packaging.

    On the occasion of Amazon Day service releasing, one spoke person of the company said that, this new service is already tested with few selected Amazon Prime members, and this service has already reduced packaging by tens of thousands of boxes. In a press conference, Maria Renz who is Vice President Delivery Experience in Amazon also said that,

    Amazon Day adds another level of convenience to the many shipping benefits Prime members already enjoy. Prime members can now choose to get their orders delivered together in fewer boxes whenever possible on the day that works best for them.

    Although this is not a mandatory delivery option prime members, so don’t worry even if you’re a Prime member you can still choose the standard delivery option for your Amazon purchases. And one thing which i want to clear that, At present, Amazon Day service is available for only Amazon Prime members of United States, but surely it will be available for all countries Prime users very soon.

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    So that’s Amazon Day service, and if you’re a Amazon Prime User and live in United States so you can use this amazing service. Hopefully, now you understand What is Amazon Day service, but still if you have any questions about this new delivery service, so you can ask us in the comments section.


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