Amazon prime membership new Monthly offer At Rs 129

After a great success in e-commerce business, Amazon launched its prime video service. Amazon prime video service is a paid subscription service. prime video service launched in September 2006 in United States as Amazon Unbox. that time this a demanding video service and than it’s become Amazon prime video service.
many changes happened from that time. Amazon prime video service launched in India with 999 rupees for one year subscription.

One year subscription at 999 rupees is the only running plan till 21st June. but on 21st of June company launched their new monthly plan. most of the people are waiting for the monthly plan and now the plan is ready and released.
so as per the new plan if you want to enjoy amazon prime video services only for a month, you have to paid 129 rupees.Monthly Amazon Prime Subscription

Users who don’t need or don’t want yearly subscription, this plan is for them. Amazon prime video is becoming one of most liked video portal and this plan will help to add more user. only rupees 129 for 30 days prime membership is a good deal for both company and user. prime membership will also help you if you purchase something from Amazon.

in this plan company notify the user 3 days before the expiry date of the plan, so user can cancel this plan for the next month or user can continue.

There are lot of amazing offers for a prime member on Amazon sales too. one year subscription is still available on the same price of 999 rupees. there is no any changes made.

Here you can find a little bit difference between both of the plans, For the monthly subscription of amazon prime membership you have only two options for payment , payment from debit card, or payment from credit card, but for the yearly subscription there are some more ways to payment , you can pay with debit card , credit card, net banking or UPI method or other method you can use. so now you can enjoy the prime membership on monthly bases.


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