Android P Beta Launched In These Smartphones

Every year google launches a new Android version with some new updates. Android version 8.0 oreo is the last stable version this time. And Android P means Android 9.0 will ready to launch very soon. Now this time google testing on Android P with the beta version and Total 3 beta version released by google till yet.

Android P launched

Like other previous Android versions , Android P Beta version also released with Google’s own powered mobile. So this time google Launched the first testing version with Google pixel.

Google Pixel, Pixel XL , Google Pixel 2, 2XL are the first selected models by the developers for testing Android P Beta version. Google pixel 2 and 2XL is a new generation mobile and they Launched last year so there is no any problem in testing. But the question is ” is Google Pixel, Pixel XL is the correct choice ” because both of these phones are released two years back. So it is a surprising decision because there are other new capable mobiles available. Now Google corrected it. Google released latest beta version of Android P for some other smartphones. So here is list of the smartphones.

1.OnePlus 6
2.Vivo X21 UD
3.Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
4.Nokia 7 Plus
5.Essential PH-1
6.Oppo R15 Pro
7.Sony Xperia XZ2
8.Vivo X21

Android P supported mobile

These are the selected smartphones for Android P Beta version. Some of these are launched recently and more capable than google Pixel 2 and 2Xl.

Android P Beta version 3 comes with some new updates. Google team said that it is the closest one with the final stable version.

1.Notification updates style

2.ImageDecoder for bitmaps & drawables

3.Multi-camera APIs

4.Display cutout APIs

5.Messaging Style

Android P features

So there are some released features may be we get some more. Google fix the bugs and other problems in this new upcoming beta version 3. May be it is the last beta version of Android P because every year google launches new Android version in September or October so only few months are remain.


So if you are using these smartphones so get ready for the new Android updates. Use the new beta version and enjoy all new features.


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