Ageless Animals That Can Control Their Age

the list of Top 3 Animals That Can Hold And Control Their Ages

It is the desire of every human that they never die or never becomes old. In our old stories, there are many tales in which the people tried very hard to become immortal, and even in our science, many people have tried to make such medicines so that their life speed can be prevented from proceeding or they can control their age, but no one got the success in doing so. We all gradually grow older and older than we die.

Although our journey of getting old from the child takes many years, but it is not that we can stop at any age, our body always grows. Yes, we all wish for it, we wish we always being young, but we can not do that, our body cannot stop in a stage. We can not do this, but it is not that no one can do that. This thing may look like a joke but there are many animals in the world who are capable of doing this. I am not saying that the animals I am talking about are all immortal and can not die, like every living creature, their end is certain, but there are some of them that are never old, they always live in the same age and died in that same age. Some animals are also able to stop their body growth accordingly.

So here are 3 such animals that are capable of holding their age, which never becomes old.

Top 3 Animals That Can Hold And Control Their Ages


Hydra, also known as tiny freshwater polyps, is only a 2.5 centimeters high and treelike creature. Hydra is basically a genus of small, fresh-water organisms of the phylum Cnidaria and class Hydrozoa. Looking modest and small, the inner physical structure of this creature is a puzzle in itself.

hydra is in the list of Top 3 Animals That Can Hold And Control Their Age

In 1998 a biologist found that the body of this creature constantly renewing its own cells. And because of this regenerative ability Hydra can stop the growth of their age.

Hydra’s body is able to do this by using three different types of stem cells, which are initially indifferent, and eventually, many different types of special cells are formed. These stem cells actively work on renewing Hydra’s body and do not let the age of Hydra grow, that’s why they do not die of old age.

According to scientists, it is estimated that 5 percent of Hydra can survive for around 1,400 years using this process, which is 14 times more than a person who lives for 100 years.

Bdelloid Rotifers

Bdelloid Rotifers, this small animal of just 1-millimeter size is found everywhere around the world, where there is water, even in your home. Bdelloid Rotifers is not one of those beings whose age is very long, their average age is only 30 days. Just 30 days, you might be thinking now so what is so special about these Bdelloid Rotifers, so I included them in this list?

bdelloid rotifers is in the list of Top 3 Animals That Can Hold And Control Their Age

It is sad that nature has decided a very shortage for these living creatures, but nature has provided them with a special ability in return, and that is, these Bdelloid Rotifers have the power to stop all the functions of their body during any kind of crisis such as starvation or dehydration. And when they do this, they stop their body functions as well as the rest of their body processes, including the growth in their age. Means at the time of crisis, Bdelloid Rotifers can completely stop their age and the rest of their physical growth.

The best and the most wonderful thing about their this special ability is that they can stop the growth of their body and age for more than their normal life span. As per Scientists that some bdelloid rotifers can completely stop the process of their body functions for up to 40 days while starving. and after returning to the food, they return to their normal lifetime, and these 40 days do not leave any effect on their body as if the period of 40 days had never happened. So isn’t it a wonderful ability?


jellyfish is in the list of Top 3 Animals That Can Hold And Control Their Age

Turritopsis Dohrnii, also known as Jellyfish, is the last and most surprising creature in our list, and why so surprising? Let’s know it, so Often, after an age, we all think that why we became older, we were good as children, wish we could become children again and can start our life again from a new point. We all think about that sometimes, don’t we? We want all of this to happen just like before, our age, our body, but that is not possible to happen because the human body does not have that capacity so we can start our life again, yes we can’t but there is someone who can do it easily and whose body has the ability to do it, and that is jellyfish. Jellyfish or Turritopsis Dohrnii can start their life from the beginning after living their entire life span.

The process of reverse aging is called transdifferentiation and jellyfish start this process at any point in its life. To start this process of reverse aging, jellyfish do not need any special reason, it can start with any cause such as old age, starvation, or disease. Sometimes, these incidents occur in less than a month. As far as we know, this process can continue without end, i.e. jellyfish can start its life again and again as many time jellyfish wants. So maybe now you might have understood why I told jellyfish so surprising special.

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So these are the animals which can control their ages, we can also call the ageless animals. Hopefully, today’s our article will prove useful to you. And if you any questions regarding ageless animals so you can ask us in the comments section.


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