Applications Which Makes Your Instagram Experience Better

Apps Which Relevant to Instagram Application
Apps Which Relevant to Instagram Application

Today, Instagram is one of the most commonly used social media platform, and the count of its users increasing day by day. According to a report released in June 2018, there are more than 1 billion active users on Instagram. There was a time when Instagram was only famous as a photo sharing application But now the time has changed, Instagram has now become a multi-functional application, which provides many different features like chatting, marketing, and etc. Despite having so many users and so many features, some common features are not yet available on Instagram, these features are relevant to Instagram, but still we need third-party apps to use them. So let’s know about some such apps, which are relevant to Instagram, and offer you more flexibility in running Instagram.

Top Five Application Which Relevant To Instagram 

So here we sharing to 5 Instagram relevant applications which will make your Instagram experience better than ever.

Qeek Application

As we all know, profile pic on Instagram is visible only in a small icon, which we can not open and zoom, and due to this sometimes we have faced difficulty in identifying other users. Many users have already filed complaints about this, but they did not get any response and still, there is no inbuilt feature for this on Instagram. But don’t worry, there is a solution, and the solution is Qeek Application. The Qeek application helps us to see Instagram profile picture clearly and in big size. The Qeek app works on both public and private account and it also Available in both free and paid modes. In the free version of Qeek, you will get the standard quality of the pic and in the paid version of qeek, you will get the high quality of the profile picture. Now let’s see how qeek application works…

How To See Instagram Profile Picture In large Size With Qeek App

So to see Instagram profile picture in large size with the qeek app, you have to follow few easy steps..


1. Open your play store or Appstore.

2. Search for Qeek App, and then download and install it.

3. Now open the app and type the username of that person, whose profile pic you want to see.Qeek App Which Relevant to Instagram Application

4. After that it will show you the pic in a round frame, Now click
on the photo, to see the full picture.


So that’s how you can see Instagram profile picture in large size with Qeek App.

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AnySticker Application

Many of us like to post stories on Instagram Application, but many times we refused it because we needed some new stickers to make our story good, but in Instagram, we only find the same old and limited stickers. But now you don’t need to worry because here I am sharing the solution and the solution is “AnySticker app”. This app not only gives you many new stickers but with the help of this app, you can create new stickers as well and then you can add them to your stories on Instagram. So now let’s know, How to create stickers for Instagram with AnySticker Application…

How To Create Stickers For Instagram With AnySticker App 

So to create stickers for Instagram with AnySticker App, you have to follow few simple steps which I mentioned below…

1. Download and Install AnySticker Application from Play store or App store.

2. Open the app, and click on create sticker or you can also go with the recommendations.

3. Now you will find a label on which you have to write about your sticker like, time, mood, feeling etc. And then you can select the matching icon next to it. You can also change the color of this sticker.AnySticker App Which Relevant to Instagram Application

4. Once you’ve made your sticker, you can share it on Instagram, from there.

So that’s how you can use the Anysticker application to create stickers for Instagram.

CoolGram Application

Often on Instagram, we see some such pictures which created by many different pictures. If we look at each part of this picture separately, then we can not understand the exact picture but when we look all of them together in the grid mode of Instagram then we found the real picture. I know, what I am saying is quite confusing but you can easily understand my words by seeing the picture which I shared here. These kind of pictures makes your profile attractive. But unfortunately this feature is also not an inbuilt feature of Instagram. You need a third party app for creating these kinds of pictures, and the app, which can help you to create these kind pictures is CoolGram App. CoolGram App helps you to crop any pictures between 3, 6, 9 or 12 different parts and also helps you to upload it to Instagram in the correct order. By using CoolGram App, you can make your profile different and impressive. So after knowing the usage of this application, now let’s know, how does CoolGram App work?

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How Does CoolGram Application Works

1. Open your app store and download and install Coolgram app.

2. Now it will show you three options, Panorama, Grid, and Square so select the second option “Grid”.

3. After selecting the grid option, select any of your picture, which you want to crop in different parts.

4. Now it will show you different options for cropping the pic, so select one of them.

5. Then it will show the sequence of uploading the pic, you can take a screenshot of that so you didn’t miss the sequence.Coolgram App Which Relevant to Instagram Application

6. Now upload all the cropped parts of the pic on Instagram in the correct sequence.

So that’s how you can use Coolgram app.

Instagram Video Downloader Application

On Instagram, we get so many good pictures and videos which we want to save on our device but we can’t because Instagram does not give us the option of download. Although we can take screenshots of Instagram pictures but what about videos, we can save them without downloading them. But don’t worry there is a solution also and that is ” Video Downloader For Instagram App”. With this app you can easily download all the videos and pictures of Instagram. So let’s see how we can download Instagram videos with the Video Downloader For Instagram App…

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How We Can Download Instagram Videos With Video Downloader For Instagram App 

So to download Instagram Videos and pictures you have to follow these easy steps..

1. Open your App store and search for Video Downloader For Instagram App.

2. Download and install the Video Downloader For Instagram App.

3. Now open your Instagram app and copy the link of the video which you want to download by clicking on the three dots.Video Downloader For Instagram App Which Relevant to Instagram Application

4. Then open the Video Downloader For Instagram App and paste the link there. It will start the downloading process automatically.

So that’s how you can download Instagram videos and pictures.

AutoHash Application

AutoHash is one of the best apps for finding hashtags. It suggests you the best and high performing hashtags for your content. It uses Artificial Intelligence technology to identify the objects in your videos and photos, and then it suggests you the relevant and High performing hashtags. This app also cares that you do not use more than 30 hashtags which is the limit. And as compared to other hashtags providing apps, Autohash App is more capable in growing your audience. Now let’s see how you can use Autohash application…

How To Use Autohash Application

To use Autohash Application just follow few simple steps…

1. Download and install Autohash Application from your app store.

2. Now open the app and you will see a few options on the bottom side. Tap on the upload option (Arrow Sign).

3. Then select the item which you want to publish on Instagram.

4. Now with the AI technology, the Autohash Application will identify your content and then it will suggest you the relevant hashtags.AutoHash App Which Relevant to Instagram Application

5. And then you can use these hashtags on Instagram with your content.

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So these are the best five Instagram relevant applications, which will surely help you to make your Instagram experience better. And if you have any questions regarding these applications, so you can ask us in the comments section.


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