Here’s How You Can Apply For ISRO Space Quiz Competition 2019

Here How You Can Apply For ISRO Space Quiz Competition 2019
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Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has organized a quiz competition 2019 in collaboration with MyGov. This competition has been organized to increase students’ awareness towards the space program. All the school students can send their entries till 20 August 2019 to participate in this competition. Students doing well in the competition will get a chance to watch the historic Chandrayaan 2 live on the moon with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bengaluru. So let’s see how you can apply for this science quiz…

How to Register Yourself for ISRO Quiz?

So students can register themselves for ISRO quiz by following these simple steps…

  1. Log on to with your email address.
  2. Then manage password and OTP by connecting with their mobile numbers.
  3. Students can also register their names via their social media profiles such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or GitHub by scanning a QR code.
  4. After that, you will get a new window, where you have to fill your details such as full name, email address, date of birth, nationality, gender, and mobile number.
  5. Keep in mind that you can only participate once in the quiz.

Who Can Apply For ISRO Quiz?

So students from classes 8 to 10 can apply for the quiz competition. And only Indian nationals are allowed to take participate in ISRO quiz.

Things You Need to Know About ISRO Quiz

  1. In this quiz, each student will have to answer 20 questions and get one mark on each answer. The duration of this quiz will be 10 minutes.
  2. Students can take help of their parents or guardians in this quiz, but only for translating questions, not to solve questions.
  3. The quiz portal has opened, and students can play the quiz by clicking on the ‘Start Quiz’ icon. But keep in mind that the quiz will not be stopped until the students finish the quiz.
  4. If ISRO team finds any malpractice, impersonation, double participation, or victory through spurious means, the student will be declared null and void and the candidate in question will be rejected.

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So this is everything about the ISRO Quiz. Hopefully, now you know what is the ISRO science Quiz and how you can apply for this ISRO quiz. Still, if you any questions in your mind, you can ask us in the comments section.


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