The World’s First Artificial Intelligence News Anchor unveiled

Artificial Intelligence news anchor

Many times we have heard that in the future, Technology will replace humans but no one would completely tell this when it will be. But now it seems that the time has started and one of the examples of this can be seen in China, where a news company unveiled the world’s first Artificial Intelligence TV news anchor.

Chinese news company Xinhua has teamed up with another Chinese search engine company Sogou to create this world’s first Artificial intelligence TV news anchor. And both the companies presented it to the world during the World Internet Conference, where the Artificial intelligence TV news anchor, itself told all the people about their features. There are so many special things in Artificial TV news anchor but the one who is prominent is its realistic behavior. And to make it like the real human, Xinhua News Company has given it the look of his own news anchor Zhang Zhao. AI Anchor looks like the copy of Zhang Zhao, its expressions, its talking way everything is copied from Zhang Zhao, Even Zhang Zhao has given his voice to this AI Anchor to making it real. And the reason behind making this so real is that people can easily adopt it and get used to it.

Artificial Intelligence news anchor can read and speak news in both the English and Mandarin language fluently. in world internet conference Artificial, Intelligence news anchor explained all his capabilities and drawbacks by itself. AI Anchor also said that he learns from broadcasting videos and news by itself, without any help. AI Anchor also mentioned that this is its developing period and still many changes can be made in it.

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Why Human Replaced By Artificial Intelligence News Anchor

I know this the first question comes in our mind when we read about Artificial Intelligence news anchor, and the answer is also given by AI Anchor and that is “reduce news production costs and improve news efficiency”. Now again the question is how can a machine reduce the cost? So the answer is, you have to spend the costs once when you make it or purchase it and after that, it will work for 24 hours continuously without any rest. It can’t resign from its duty, so that’s how it reduces the other extra costs.

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As per a spoke person from Xinhua, the Artificial Intelligence news anchor is already working with the news team and with anchoring, it also working on the news blogs and social media platforms. So this is all about world’s first ever Artificial Intelligence news anchor. And if you have any suggestions for us, so write Down us into the comments box.

Video Source – Youtube Channel New China TV


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