The Official Releasing Date Of Avengers 4 Trailer Now Unveiled

Avengers 4 Trailer official Releasing Date

Whether the last week has been very disappointing or you have not got any interesting thing at the end of this year, so no need to worry because there is only one good news enough to erase all this frustration. And that good news has come, so the special date we all were waiting for has now unveiled and that day is 5 Dec 2018 means this Wednesday and the reason behind I called this Wednesday so special is “Avengers 4 Trailer”. Yes, you got it right, On this Wednesday the trailer of the Avengers 4 will be released globally. And after all the rumors and false reports, this is the first official announcement that the marvel studio has released about the trailer of the Avengers 4.

As we all know that there are so many fans of Marvel’s Avengers series from all over the world and from a long time they all were waiting for this news But due to those rumors they could not find any fixed date. But after, this official announcement everything became clear.

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With Avengers 4 trailer Marvel Studio also announced the official trailer releasing date of their another awaiting movie, “Captain Marvel”. The trailer of Captain Marvel will be released in the middle of the night football match on this Monday (3rd December 2018). The interesting fact about the trailer of these two movies is that earlier their releasing dates were different, the trailer of the Avengers 4 was going to release on Monday in the middle of the football match and Captain Marvel’s trailer on Wednesday. But after the new official announcement, these dates were changed. The reason behind this change is not yet cleared, but according to a private report it was done because the captain marvel character has a special role in Avengers 4, and it may be confusing for audience to seeing a new character(Captain Marvel) suddenly and that’s why Marvel Studio decided to release Captain Marvel trailer first. But as we mentioned above, remember this reason is not officially coming from Marvel Studio.Captain Marvel And Avengers 4 Trailer Releasing Date

The release date of both the Movies Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel has already been announced, which is, the Avengers 4 – 26 April 2019 and Captain Marvel – 8 March 2019. It is also being speculated that both of these movies will break so many previous records, Because for a long time people were waiting for both of these movies, especially for Avengers 4.

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So hopefully the Trailer of Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 will make your week amazing. And if there will any official changes happen in the date and timings of their trailers, we will also inform you about it, so subscribe our website and stay tuned with us. And if you have any questions about the trailer of captain marvel and Avengers 4 then you can tell us in the comments box.


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