Avengers Infinity War Ready To Re Release In India

There was a time when Indian market was a struggling market for international movies but then time changes and now Indian market is a big source of earnings in every field specially in cinema field. People of India just love movies more then any other countries no matter the movie is from their own cinema industry Bollywood or from any other country if you can show a good content you can easily earn in India.
Last few released Hollywood movies are the best example to prove that. Some of them released first in India and then in their own countries because now everyone knows that there are so much opportunity for earning in India. Here are the top 5 highest Grossing International (Hollywood) movies in India…
Movie Name
Gross Earning in INR
Gross Earning in Dollors
Avengers Infinity War
₹294.07  Crore
The Jungle Book
₹258.79  Crore
Furious 7
₹155.11 Crore
Jurassic World
₹141.44 Crore
Jurassic world : Fallen Kingdom
₹128.84 Crore


Here you can see that there is a big part of total revenue of these movies comes from the Indian market. Now let’s move to top of the list there is a name “Avengers Infinity War” which is the 3rd part of Avengers Series and the Highest grossing Hollywood movie ever in India. The total Net earnings of infinity war is 192 crores which is a huge amount and because of that the maker of Avengers Series are ready to re release this movie in India. I know that this is a shocking news because few months ago on 4th of the may it released for first time and now after few months we can watch it again. The decided date for it’s re release is 2nd of October and it will release in only Hindi language because a huge part of Indian audience belongs to Hindi language and the other reason is last time when Avengers infinity war released a big part of the revenue comes from the Hindi version. Last time the Avengers Infinity War released on 2100 screen but for there is no information available for this about the screens.Avengers Infinity War re release in India

With this release a new debate started between movie trade experts because most of them thinks that it will earn a good revenue this time again because of the popularity of this movie and it will release on National Holiday, but some of them are not agree with others because they think the movie is already available on internet and most of the people already watched it. so let’s wait and see what will happen but one thing is sure that it will impact on the upcoming movies of Marvel because all movies are linked with each other. The two most awaited and upcoming movies of Marvel are Captain Marvel (6 March 2019) and the next part of Avengers (26 April 2019) and this re release will surely generate some new audience.

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So book your tickets if you missed it last time and prepare yourself to entering the world of Marvel superheroes. And if their is any feedback for us write to us.


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