Benefits Of Amazon Prime Membership

Benefits Of Amazon Prime Membership amazon prime membership how to use amazon prime membership

More than 100 million people have taken advantage of one of the Amazon’s best premium services, Amazon Prime membership, which is currently using by more than 20 million people. And the reason why millions of people subscribed Amazon Prime membership is Amazon Prime benefits. Amazon provides a bunch of premium features to their prime members called amazon prime benefits but still most of the prime members and non prime members are unaware of them, they only knows about one or two features but there is so much more. So to those people who don’t know about all the prime benefits, here i am sharing all the benefits of Amazon prime membership, so you can enjoy all the benefits of your prime membership if you’re a existing prime member and if you’re not a member so it will helpful for you to understand this service more.

All The Benefits Of Amazon Prime Membership

I already mentioned above, there are not only one or two but many significant benefits of Amazon Prime membership, and all of these are useful so let’s know about all the best benefits of Amazon prime membership one by one seperately.

Amazon Prime Video

Benefits Of Amazon Prime Membership amazon prime membership how to use amazon prime membership

Amazon prime video is one of the most known benefits of amazon prime membership. It is the official online video streaming portal of amazon, which provides Ad free online videos, movies and web series to prime members. Amazon prime video is also counted as one of the strongest competitor of Netflix and Hulu. With prime video service you can watch latest videos, latest movies and so many famous tv series and prime original series without disturbing by any advertisement. So overall a good source of entertainment and you can use it by simply downloading the Amazon prime video application from play store and then sign with your amazon id(prime subscribed) and password, you can also use it on web.

One Day and Same Day Shipping And Delivery

One Day and Same Day Shipping And Delivery is one of the most amazing benefits of amazon prime membership, Through this service you can ship the same day of any item purchased from Amazon and can also deliver it to your address within one day. But to get the benefit of One Day and Same Day Shipping And Delivery service, you have to careful about few things…

  1. Before purchasing any item check that the item is marked as same day or one day because if your item is not marked as same day or one day so it means that item is not eligible for this service.
  2. Your order total must be at least $35. orders below $35 are up to $5.99 per item in the case of Same-Day Delivery or as low as $2.99 per item for One-Day Shipping.
  3. Although this service is available for almost all the cities but still there are few cities currently where Amazon doesn’t provide one day and same day shipping and delivery so before purchasing any item, check the eligibility of your zip code for this service. So this is all about Amazon’s one day and same day shipping and delivery service, as my opinion, it is really a helpful benefit, isn’t it?

Prime Music Service

Benefits Of Amazon Prime Membership amazon prime membership how to use amazon prime membership

Prime Music, another entertainment service by Amazon to their prime members after prime video service. This is an Ad-free music streaming service, which provides you more than 1 million songs and albums. Anyone can use this service but it is free for only prime members, apart from free service there are also lots of other features included in prime membership such as no Ads, access to handcrafted Prime Playlists and unlimited skips. You can also create a playlist of your favorite songs in it. Using this service is also easy, what you have to do is only download the prime music app on your phone from play store and sign in with your amazon id and password and then you can listen your favorite songs without any advertisements.

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Unlimited Photo Storage

Amazon offers cloud storage up to 5GB each of its customers at no charge, under which users can store any of their photos, videos or any other data up to 5gb in amazon drive. So now you may be thinking that what is special for prime members in this, then what special feature prime members will get in this service is that where common users can store only 5gb by adding photos, videos and the rest of the data, At the same time, Prime users can save unlimited photos other than 5gb data. So it is also one of the amazing benefits of Amazon prime membership, isn’t it? But there are two things you need to keep in mind, first you can use this service for personal use only not for commercial use, second photos must be smaller than 2GB.

Kindle Ebook On Rent

So if you’re a Amazon Prime member and you own Kindle e-readers or Kindle Fire tablets so you can rent ebooks for free from the Kindle Owners Lending Library. You can only rent one ebook in a month and the good thing about is there is no any due date for rented books. You can also share the rented books across any devices connected to your Amazon account. Other than this amazon also offers their users prime reading service, which gives you the unlimited access on more than 1000 ebooks in kindle format. For prime members, there is a special service also called Kindle First program under which Prime members can download one free ebook every month, and the ebooks prime members gets under this program are unreleased ebooks. So this one is for readers, let’s move to the other benefits of Amazon prime membership.

Free Twitch Prime Subscription

all Benefits Of Amazon Prime Membership amazon prime membership how to use amazon prime membership

After all kind of common benefits of amazon prime membership now the benefits comes which is only helpful for a separate group, the group of gaming lovers. So yes, Amazon also cares about his gaming lover users and that’s why Amazon brings a free Twitch Prime Subscription for their prime members. Now few of us who are not interested in gaming must be thinking that what is Twitch, so twitch is an online game streaming portal, where you can play your game on live stream and also can share your gameplay, its like the youtube of gamers. Although twitch is a free platform but it has some premium features also which you can unlock only by buying Twitch turbo subscription plan. But there another way also and which is called twitch prime, which provides you the same benefits as Twitch Turbo, so if you’re a prime member so you can use all the premium features of Twitch. Other than these premium features, a special features also granted for prime members and which is that prime members can acquire and download certain commercial games every month for free.

Prime Day And Lighting Deals

Let’s start with the Prime Day, so prime day is a shopping event which held once in a year, where the price of thousands of items(available on Amazon) goes down for one day(Prime Day). If you’re an Amazon prime member so Prime day is the best day for you for purchasing any items from Amazon. So that is also one of the best benefits of amazon prime membership, now let’s see what benefits amazon prime members can get on lightning deals.

So lighting deals are the discounted deals where any user of Amazon can purchase things on great discounts. Now you must be thinking that if any user can get the discount so what is special for the prime users, so the thing which is special for prime in lighting deals offers is prime early access. Prime early access provides a early 30 minutes access to prime users on lightning deals, so that means the lighting deals starts 30 minutes early for prime users. And this is one of the best benefits of amazon prime membership because these deals are surprisingly great discounted deals and getting access 30 minutes before means you have all the chances to grab your favourite things first without any rush and problems such as out of stock.

Sharing The Prime Membership

Where above shared all the benefits of Amazon Prime membership are for prime members only, this benefit is for the family members or roommates of prime members because this feature of Amazon prime allows prime members to share their membership with 4 other people and without share the private information such as password. Yes you read the right sentence, “without sharing password”, as we all know password sharing is illegal and that’s why Amazon start this service under which you can share your membership to 4 other people without sharing password but there are two conditions, first other four members can use the membership for shipping and delivery benefits only and the second is the address of prime member and the other 4 members should be the same, and that’s why I mentioned family members and roommates only because in most of the cases only these people live with a person. To invite the other four members, the original prime member needs to know the name, birthday, and email address of the other members. Then the original member can send them requests and when they accept the invitation, they’ll need to know the original member’s birthday.

So these are all the benefits of amazon prime membership which you can get by purchasing the subscription of amazon prime membership. And to buy the subscription you can visit the official page of amazon prime and can select your plan. Hopefully, now you know all the benefits of amazon prime membership, but still of you have any questions regarding amazon prime membership so you can ask us in the comments section.


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