Best English Learning Apps

Best English Learning Apps Of 2018

There is no age limit to learn, but some things are such that the sooner they learn, the more they beneficial and language learning is one of them. There are total 6500 languages in the world and half of the world population covered by only a few top languages. Chinese, English, Hindi, Spanish, French, Russian are the most spoken languages in the world. Learning any language helps you to connect with more people and also help you to understand a new culture. In all these 6500 languages of 199 countries, there is one common language which Connects the world and that is English. English is the 2nd most spoken language in the world and it is spoken in most of the countries as their primary or secondary language. So if you knew the English language very well you can survive easily in most of the countries. So if you want to learn English language and want to be fluent, so there are lots of best English learning apps available on internet which you can download and After following their steps of learning you can speak English easily. So here in this article, we are presenting some of the best English learning apps.

Best English Learning Apps

So let’s know together about the best application for English speaking…

Hello English

Nishant Patni and Pranshu Patni founded this application on 2014. Hello English is one of the best and certified applications for English learning. Hello English app provides you their services in total 22 different languages. It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows operating system and it has more than 15 millions download, so you can easily imagine the popularity of this application. CultureAlley ranked this app on No. 1 position as the best free educational application. Hello English provides you more than 475 interactive lessons with English learning games and expert advice. It also ranked you as per your speaking and learning skills. So it is the first on the list of best English learning apps.

Speaking Pal

Speaking Pal is the another best app for English learning. Speaking Pal is a Free application which provides you 6000 vocabulary words with more 2000 learning videos. It also has 150 plus real-life scenarios and topics. There are three different levels decided for learning which is the “beginner, intermediate and advanced”. Speaking Pal provides their services in 14 different languages and it also won many awards for best English learning apps from different countries.


Duolingo is a learning application which has more than 200 million users. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows operating system. Duolingo is not only an English learning app, but it also provides you more than 50 other languages learning courses. It founded by Luis von Ahn, Severin Hacker on 30 November 2011. It does not only teach you new words or sentence it also provides you the right to pronounce the words. Duolingo app has a user-friendly interface with low data usage facility. And because of its impressive concept, it is in the third position on our list of best English learning apps.

Talk English

Talk English is listed on one of the best English learning apps for beginners. It provides effective lessons for beginners. Talk English available for Android and iOS operating systems. It gives you two options for conversation first one is “beginner English conversation” and the second one is “Business English Conversation”, and both the option has some sub-options also so you can choose as per your ability. You can also select a partner for conversation, it will help you to become more fluent.

Let’s Talk

Let’s talk apps provides you more than 1200 learning videos by experts. It covers Vocabulary & Slang words, English Grammar, Accent and other stuff which helps you to become fluent in English. The thing which makes this app unique from others is their training program for soft skills and Pronunciation. This app is not so popular yet but hopefully, very soon it will be. It also prepares you for IELTS Exam which helps you to clear job interviews on foreign nations.

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So these are the best English learning apps which help you to learn and speak English easily and with fluency. And if you are looking for clear job interviews in multinational companies or want to clear English exams so download these apps and learn English easily. And if have any questions about the best English learning apps, suggest us by doing comments.


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