A day without internet connection is hard to imagine for us, i think we can not stay away from internet for a single hour. We are the Generation which uses internet a lot but are you sure that what you search or what you watch on internet is private or safe? And the right answer is no, because every time when we are using internet there are so many hackers , and government authorities are watching us. Even they can caught us while using incognito mode. So now most of us thinks that we are not surfing any restricted websites so why we need to be afraid of government authorities but my friend what about the Hackers who set their eyes on your every money transaction. But don’t worry, there is always a solution for every problem and this time the solution name is “Virtual Private Network” (VPN).


VPN or Virtual Private Network is a online router which hide our all internet activities from others. It gives a secure path or sever for our each searches. But only the secure path is not enough when you watching something restricted because government authorities can find you anytime with your IP address but if you using a secure VPN, it can hide your IP address too. So overall VPN is the best way to Hide your internet activities and ip address details from all other legal or illegal agencies. There are so many free or paid VPN services are available which you can use. So here i am sharing the best VPN services of present time…

IPVANISHBest Vpn of 2018 ipvanish vpn

IpVanish is one of the best VPN app of present time, it gives you the fastest virtual private network. It offers you more than 950 different servers with 40000 plus ip address. IPVANISH gives the zero log services with high p2p traffic. It is a us based app but it gives their services to 60 plus countries. It gives you the quick downloading speed. So it is one of the best option for Virtual private Network.

12 months – $6.49/mth
3 months – $8.99/mth
1 month – $10/mth
With 7 Day Free Trial

EXPRESS VPNBest Vpn of 2018 expressvpn

ExpressVPN provides one of the most trusted servers. It has more than 2000 servers and 30,000 IP addresses. As per its name ExpressVPN gives you the fastest speed for more than 140 server location. It works in more than 90 countries with 24/7 customer support with call with mail and with chat services. Once you purchase it you can use the services of ExpressVPN in your maximum 3 Devices.

15 months – $6.67/mth
6 months – $9.99/mth
1 month – $12.95/mth
With 30 days free trial.

NORD VPN Best Vpn of 2018 nordvpn

NordVPN is started with Panama and now it gives their services to more than 60 countries. It provides the best DNS leak protection, killswitch services. It offers you more than 2500 servers with 2000 different ip addresses. It supports maximum 6 devices. You can get the trusted NordVPN services in 60 different server location.

24 months – $3.99/mth
12 months – $6.99/mth
1 month – $11.95/mth
With 30 days refund trial

CYBERGHOSTBest Vpn of 2018 cyberghost vpn

CyberGhost provides you more than 2500 servers with 2000 plus different ip addresses. It supports P2P and BitTorrent and give the best linux security. It offers you the best custom app protection with quick response. CyberGhost gives you more than 100 server location for jump your ip. It is also popular for their 24/7 quick customer support services.

12 months – $2.75/mth
1 month – $2.75/mth

VYPR VPNBest Vpn of 2018 vypr vpn

Vypr Virtual private network provides you the solid security for your searches. It has more than 700 servers and 200,000 plus ip addresses. It is best at Kill switch and DNS unblocking. It provides you more than 70 different server location. It supports in maximum 5 devices at once.

12 months – $5/mth
1 month – $9.95/mth
With 3 days free trial

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So these are the best 5 VPN of present time and each has their quality. You can easily access the internet without caught by anyone with using these virtual private network. And if you any doubt about their install and configuration write down us.



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