How To Block Spam Comments On Blogger

how to block spam comments on blogger

Google-owned Blogger is one of the most trusted and widely used platforms for blogging, and that is all because of it’s easy to use features and its user-friendly interface. Blogger, which is a free blogging platform, was started as an online sharing center, where people used to share their daily routines, their arts, their knowledge, and experience, although many users still do this, but now Blogger is primarily used for running professional blogs or you can say Websites. It is one of the most appropriate, effective and easiest platforms to run a website, especially for a beginner. And this is all due to the features of Blogger which is quite easy to use. Today in this article, we will talk about one such feature of Blogger which is I think very useful for Blogger’s users, and that feature is, block spam comments feature.

Blocking spam comments is something that’s very useful for every user who has a website, no matter whether they run their website on blogger, on WordPress or on any other platform. Spam comments can cause problems in the growth of any website, as well as these comments, can ruin the image of your website, so it becomes very important to block spam comments. So let’s see how you can block spam comments…

How You Can Block Spam Comments On Blogger

Spam comments can be of several types, such as, any comments that have given links to other websites that are not related to your blog or article, or any comments in which the wrong language has been used, or any comments which spread violence, and it is necessary to delete or block these kinds of spam comments before anyone published them under any of your articles, Otherwise Google will believe that you have a contribution in publishing such comments. So follow these steps to block spam comments on blogger before they ruin your blog…

1.Open your browser, go to and sign in with your Gmail Id and Password.

2. Now from the top left, select the blog that you want to update by clicking on the down arrow ▼ icon.

3. After opening the blog that you want to update, select the “Settings” option from the left side menu.

how to block spam comments from blogger

4.From the settings option, select the “Posts, comments and sharing” option.

how to block spam comments on blogger

5. Now a new page will open where you will get few options to select, the first option that you will get under the comments section will be “Comment Location”, don’t change it, keep it “Embedded.”

6. The second option which you get there will be “Who Can Comment?” Select “Users with Google Account” for that option. It will save your blog from anonymous comments.

how can you block spam comments on blogger

7. Third option you will get there will be “Comment Moderation”, select the “Always” option for it. After selecting the “Always” option blogger will ask you for entering your email id so enter your Gmail id there which you have used to create this blogger account.

how can we block spam comments on blogger

8. The above action will help you to restrict people for getting instant approval on their comments under your article. Means, whenever a person will comment on any of your articles, the comment will first come to you for approval and it will be published only when you approved it. So no one will be able to post any spam comments on your blog.

9. The fourth option will be “Show word verification”, don’t change it, Let it remain “Yes.”

10. Fifth and the last option will be “Comment Form Message”, with this option you can set a message which will appear on the top of the comments box so that every user can read it before commenting anything.

And in the end, don’t forget to click on save settings option, otherwise, you will have to revise the whole process again. So that’s how you can block spam comments on blogger before they ruin your article. Now many people might be thinking that what to do in such a situation when someone has already done spam comments on our blog? how can we block spam comments then? So in such a situation, you can only do one thing, delete that comment completely as soon as possible and block that user immediately so that he can never comment on any of your articles again.

Now a question arises here, which probably no one would have thought and that is, at the 7th point, we had changed the comments setting from instant approval and set them for review first, right but do you know where you can review those comments? and where you can approve them? don’t know So let’s see from where we can review the comments …

Where You Can Review Comments

For Reviewing comments you don’t have to do so much, what you have to do is only, click on the “comments” option from the side menu and you will get all the comments there. You can read all comments there and can also approve comments from there and if you find any spam comment you can also delete those spam comments directly from there.

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Hopefully, now you know How you can block spam comments on blogger, but still, if you have any questions or confusions so you can ask in the comments section, we will surely try to help you.


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