How to Boost Up The Internet Speed Of WiFi Router

There are thousands of big and small WiFi router companies in the world which serve their services to millions of internet users. And According to a survey, router is the second largest way of using Internet in the world after mobile. All the big companies and firms using WiFi router services because they can not access there work with mobile internet. So there is big part of world using Router services and as per a survey most of them not satisfied with the WiFi services which they are using. There are different different problems we got from the survey but the problem which most of the users shared is about the poor connectivity and slow speed of their routers. And if you’re using WiFi router from a long time you also knows that it happened. The problem is common but after that most of them doesn’t know , How increase the internet speed of routers?? Or How can Boost the Network Connection?? , But don’t worry with this article we are sharing some easy ways to boost the internet speed of Router or WiFi connection…

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Change To The Right Channel

So if you’re facing a bad network performance from your wireless router, this may be a reason that you’re using a high traffic channel. Most of us don’t change our default network, we are using the same which every one using and because of this the speed divided in all. So first move from the default channel and find a low traffic channel. And for that there are so many Apps are available which could give you the all details about your channel and as well as other channels, so you can select the perfect one for you. WiFi analyzer is one of the best recommend app for this.

Update Your Router Software 

This is important to Update Your Router Software not only for Boost the WiFi speed but it also gives you so many new features and helps you to secure your connection. With every update Company gives you some new features and it can increase the network catching speed of your WiFi router so always update your router.

Select The Right Place

Most of the users ignore the right placement of the Router but it is important to place your WiFi router at a high speed network zone. The WiFi analyzer app will help you to find the right high network zone area for placing your WiFi router. It is also important to place the router in an open area instead of any drawer or locker. So If you Place your router in a High networking zone, it surely increase the internet speed.

Find The Right Frequency

There are multiple Wireless routers available in market , some of them supports only single band some of them supports Dual band. So first go to the configuration of your WiFi router and check that your wireless router supports Dual band or not. If it supports dual band so change the frequency of your router into 5GHz band, it will give you the better network speed instead of default 2.4GHz band. And if you do not able to change it, try the other points.

Replace The Old Antenna

Sometimes the real problem is not belongs to the wrong channel or frequency but it happens because of your old Router. So changing the router is not possible for every one but there is an another option and that is change your old antenna. There are so many new technology based antenna available in the market which gives you better connectivity than the your current antenna device. So purchase the new antenna which compatible with your WiFi Router.

Other Ways

There are some other ways to boost up your internet speed. The important one is set the re-start Nd reset setting schedule, i know you are thinking that how can a restart and reset boost up the router speed? But it can believe me, so firstly set a schedule for restart and for rest the setting of your router and follow the schedule proper it helps your router to work proper. The other way is you can buy a speed booster for your router.

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So these are some helpful ways to increase or boost the internet speed of your router. These all points are tested successfully so you can use them without any worry. And if you have any suggestions and feedback write down to us.


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