Can You Fire A Gun On The Moon? And If Yes So What Will Happen To The Bullet?

Can you fire a gun on the Moon And If Yes So What Will Happen To The Bullet

Have you ever fire a gun? I know this is illegal, but maybe you have fired a gun during the shooting practice, what! You never shot a bullet? Ok, I agree that it is illegal on earth, but suppose, what if you get the opportunity to fire a gun on the moon? Would you like to do this? Because neither it will be illegal there nor anyone lives there, I know, if you ever got this opportunity, you all would like to go to the moon and fire a bullet, so do I. But have you ever thought, can we fire a gun on the moon? And if yes, what will happen to the bullet that we fire? Will the bullet remain in the atmosphere of the moon or will it come out of the moon and enter into space?

Can We Fire A Gun On The Moon

So let’s start with the first question, can we fire a gun on the moon? So the answer is yes, yes we can fire a gun on the moon. Now, in the minds of many people, this question is definitely running that how we can firing a gun can be possible on the moon without oxygen, without any oxygen it is impossible to explode? There is nothing wrong in this question, but my answer is still the same, and to know the reason, let’s understand the process of firing a bullet from the gun.

A gun fires due to a sudden impulse delivered to the gun powder by the trigger. The gun powder then explodes, transmission a great deal of energy to the bullet that shoots out of the gun’s barrel. so as to trigger the explosion of the gun powder, an oxidizer needed which will initiate the chemical reaction. The source of the oxidizer on the earth is oxygen, which is responsible for any kind of fire and explosion. But despite being such a huge source of oxidizers(Oxygen), all the guns available in the market do not rely on oxygen and are released with their own oxidizers, which are manufactured inside the guns. And that is the reason I said yes, that we can fire a gun on the moon.

What Will Happen To The Bullet We Fired On The Moon?

Now our first confusion has been clear and we know that we can fire a gun on the moon, but if we do such then what will happen to that bullet? Now let’s start with the speed of the bullet, so if we fire a gun on the moon so the bullet exits from the gun in the same speed as it exits from the gun on earth but on the moon it can maintain its speed longer than the Earth bullet can. But how? but how? When the speed is the same, how can the distance be different?

Can you fire a gun on the Moon And If Yes So What Will Happen To The Bullet
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So let’s understand both situations, so the exits speed of the bullet from the gun remain same on both earth and moon because the bullet has the same initial velocity on the Moon as it is on Earth. So this was the first situation, the second situation starts, when the bullet exits from the gun, Now there are two major reasons why bullet on the moon can maintain its speed longer than the Earth bullet can, the first one is wind and second is gravity, so let’s start with the first one…


We all know that when two forces seem to be opposite to each other, the speed is affected, let’s understand it in a little easier language, so we all like to play games, baseball, soccer, cricket, etc. Often when we throw the ball during playing any of these games, the ball doesn’t go as fast or as far as it needs to go because of opposite air flow. And the same happens on the earth when a bullet is shot, then in order to reach the right target, it has to face the wind direction and the velocity of the wind, Because of that, a bullet can not keep its speed on earth for a long time.

But on the moon, the bullet doesn’t have to contend with air resistance and due to so little friction, it can keep its speed continue and longer than the Earth bullet can.


In comparison to Earth on the Moon, how a bullet can be so fast and how it can cover more distance, the other reason for this is gravity. To understand this, suppose that you shot a bullet on the moon(forget about air resistance), and that bullet did not hit anyone, which can be possible on the moon, then what do you think when will that bullet stop? So it depends mainly on three things, the initial velocity of the bullet on the moon, the force of gravity, and the angle at which you shoot it.

Before falling on the ground by gravity force, how much distance has the bullet covered, you can find out by this formula…

R = v2 × sin (2a) / g

In this formula v stands for velocity of the bullet, a stands for your shooting angle and G for gravity power.

The gravity force on earth is 9.8 m / s2, but on the Moon, it can be found out by the following formula,

g = G×M/R2

In this equation, G stands for gravitational constant, M stands for the mass of the Moon, and R stands for the radius of the Moon. By the way, on the Moon

g = 1.6 m/s2

And after this calculation, you will find that the bullet will go about 6 times ahead of the Moon compared to Earth. And if the air resistance is taken into account, the distance and the speed of the bullet will increase further.

Related to this, a question was also asked in the beginning, and that was if the bullet fired straight up, could it able to escape the moon’s gravitational pull and fly off into space? So the answer is no it cannot because the moon’s escape velocity is higher than the initial velocity of the bullet. The escape velocity of the moon is about 2.38 km/s, but a bullet’s velocity is only about 1 km/s.

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So hopefully, Now you have got the answers to both of your questions, Can you fire a gun on the Moon? And if yes so what will happen to the bullet? Still, if you have questions in your mind regarding this topic so you can ask us in the comments section. And subscribe us for more science and technology updates.


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