Can Lightning Strike the Same Place Twice?

Can Lightning Strike the Same Place Twice.
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An old and common saying that we often hear that “Lightning never strikes the same place twice.” This saying is used in bad time, it is said to assure someone that whatever bad happened will not happen again. But is there any specific reason to say Lightning never strikes the same place twice? does electricity really not fall back to the same place? Or Can Lightning Strike the Same Place Twice?

Can Lightning Strike the Same Place Twice or Not?

If you want to know the answer in short, so yes lightning can strike the same place twice, even more than twice or thrice.

In a thundercloud, there are lots of small ice bumps that collide with each other, due to which the entire cloud is filled with electric charges. Light, positively charged particles are formed on the top of the cloud and heavy, negatively charged particles are submerged under the clouds. When positive and negative charges become large enough, there is a huge spark (lightning) occurs between the two charges within the cloud, that strikes to the ground. This process is very fast, which takes about 30 milliseconds only and in this quick session all the negative charges are not discharges and that’s why it hit the ground again.

So we can say the lightning can strike the same place twice, although it happens most of the time. Apart from this process, many times lightning strikes the same place twice or thrice or more than that, It is possible that this incident may occur at the same time, or it may happen again after several years. There is nothing that can stop lightning from striking the same place.

Incidents that Proves Lightning Can Strike the Same Place Twice or More

Everything we discussed above about lightning was based on the theory and facts given by the scientists, but apart from these, there is a lot of evidence that proves electricity can fall twice or more times in the same place. These proofs are actually recorded videos of those events when the lightning struck at one place several times.

Lightning Strikes 50 Times in a place, we are discussing can lightning strikes the same place twice or not, here Dan Robinson shared a video in which we can see, that lightning strikes on WVAH TV tower (near St. Albans, West Virginia) 50 times. This video is a compiled video, which shows 50 different lightning strikes on the WVAH TV tower from 2004 to 2012.

Lightning Strikes 17 Times in a night, On June 30, 2014, in the evening time, the three tallest skyscrapers of Chicago faced total 17 lightning strikes. In that incident, the Sears tower faced 10 strikes, Trump tower faced 8 and John Hancock tower faced 4.

One Strom 11 Strikes, During a storm on February 5, 2008, the WKYT / WTVQ towers (Lexington, Kentucky) faced a total of eleven strikes in 20 minutes. In this video, you can fully understand it.

But what about human beings? Can they be strike by lighting more than once?

Can Lightning Strike the Same Place Twice
Mr. Roy Sullivan
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The answer is yes. A person Roy Sullivan is proof of this. Mr. Roy Sullivan was a park ranger in Virginia who was struck by lightning an incredible 7 TIMES between 1942 and 1977, more than any other human being, which is admitted in Guinness Book of World Records.

In Which Places Lightning Strikes Most?

High altitude places such as radio towers, T. V. Towers, high-rise buildings have the most chances of getting Lightning strikes. These are the places where lightning strikes twice or more. T.V. Towers and buildings which are higher more than 1000 foot, it is believed that at least once in every thunderstorm, they faced at least one strike. And if that thunderstorm is heavy or intense, then these high altitude buildings and towers will face lightning strikes at least one in every 30 seconds. And therefore it is often advised that, during the thunderstorm, we should stay away from high towers.

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So hopefully, now your illusion might have gone away that Lightning never strikes the same place twice. Now we know that Lightning can Strike the Same Place Twice or even more then twice. Still, if you have any questions regarding lightning, you can share with us in the comments section.


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