Can Pets Donate Blood Like Humans?

Can Pets Donate Blood Like Humans can dog donage blood can cat donate blood can dogs have their blood group
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We all know that blood donation is one of the best things we can do. When it comes to blood donation, you, me and many people like us are always ready for it, but do your pets and dogs also always ready for it? Wait, one minute, what did you just ask, Can Pets Donate Blood? It means you don’t know that Pets can donate blood like humans, without any problem.

Not only you, but there are also many people who do not know that pets can donate blood, and some people who know this, do not know how to execute this process. In this regard, veterinary doctors in the UK conducted a survey in which they examined the owners of the pets. They examined those pets owners who visited a clinic during a period of 10 days. In this survey the Veterinarians team not only asked them, can pets donate blood? But also asked whether or not they are ready to donate blood of their pets and why and why not. 70 percent of the 158 respondents said that they were unaware that dogs or cats could donate blood, while 75 percent did not even know that Pet Blood Bank is one real thing.

Sick or injured animals may sometimes require blood transfusion like us, and demand is increasing. Thanks to modern veterinary medicine, who have made it possible to offer high-level care to our pets.

How Do I Know if My Pet Can Be A Blood Donor?

Like humans, certain physical criteria have been set for pets, and only after which completion, your pet will be considered eligible for blood donation.

Dogs from one to seven years old, who are completely healthy, who have been vaccinated, who are free of any type of infection and parasite, are not dependent on any type of medicine and are not pregnant, can be a good applicant for blood donation. In this physical Criteria weight is also an important factor. Dogs weighing more than 50 pounds are considered ideal for donating blood, but small dogs weighing 25 pounds can also donate blood.

Now let’s talk about cat, so the weight of cats should be more than 10 pounds to donate blood. And cats should be pure pet means which only lives inside the house. And to donate blood, the age of cats should be two to seven years. With that, it also matters that the cat that is available for donating blood, never have been previously bred, and never have been previously transfused. And cats also have to test negative for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and feline leukemia (FeLV).

In addition to this, make sure to get your pets examined by a specialist before donating blood. So that your pet can be safe and the blood given by your pet will also prove useful to another animal.

Do Pets Have Blood Groups?

Like humans, dogs and cats also have their own different blood groups, which needs to be matched with the other pet in order to receive a transfusion. Dogs have many types of blood, such as DEA 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3, DEA 4, DEA 3,5, and DEA 7, etc. The blood types in dogs are numbered according to the dog erythrocyte antigen system (DEA).

Can Pets Donate Blood Like Humans can dog donate blood can cat donate blood can dogs have their blood group
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Like dogs, cats have different blood groups, which are divided into 4 parts, A, B, AB, and Mik. Of these, Mik is the rarest blood group, which is found in just a few cats in the world.

How is Your Pet’s Blood Collected?

The human blood donation process and the pet’s blood collection process is almost the same. Pet’s blood is collected in a blood bag through a syringe that is inserted into a large vein, usually in the neck or in the cephalic vein on pet’s foreleg. In order to prevent contamination, in which area the syringe is inserted, it is clipped and cleaned in advance. There may be some swelling or injury after this collection. The amount of blood that is extracted is determined on the basis of the weight of the pets, different amount of blood is collected from different weight animals.

Cool, friendly, easy dogs are generally considered to be the best candidates for blood donation because it is easy to collect blood from them. However, if necessary, blood can also be collected from an unconscious pet. Cats are sedated for blood donation but the dog should be not be sedated during a blood donation.

How Often Can Pets Donate Blood?

Like humans, a time limit for blood donation has been set for pets also to prevent the development of anemia in them. The time limit of blood donation is the same in humans and animals, and it is three to four months. So keep in mind, donate blood of your pet only after 3 to 4 months.

Can Pets Donate Blood Like Humans can dog donate blood can cat donate blood can dogs have their blood group
Source: 1st Pet Veterinary Centers

Register Your Pet For Blood Donation

So now you know that Pets can donate blood, and now if you want your pet to donate blood, you can contact your family veterinarian or go to any nearby veterinary center. There are also many websites available on the internet such as and Bow to Wow blood donation service, where you can register your pet to donate blood.

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I hope you now understand that pets can donate blood, and if someone asks you that, can pet donate blood? So you can explain to them the whole process too. Still, if you have any confusion that how pets can donate blood so you can ask us in the comments section


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