Check Now What Facebook Knows About You

Facebook holds the highest no. Of users and that’s make it the no. Social media platform of present time. Like gmail and iOS system Facebook also stores your data. From your joining to till today what you have done, whom you chat , which videos you watched and data of all your past activities you can find on Fb storage. Even it show the exact date and time of your messages and invitations.

Facebook stores all the data for our knowledge and it will also help to fb team to know about us , like what we search and in which kind of advertisement i watched or what i liked in other pages so according to this fb shows us the advertisement and other stuff. If you are using Facebook from a long time its like a your own history book to you. So before the process to get your data first let’s what kind of your data you can download from Facebook….

1. Post – You can download the data of your all posts, which you posted from the starting.

2. Photos And Videos – All the photos and videos which you published you can see here.

3. Search History – You can see all your past searches on fb.

4. Calls And Messages – All your old messages and Calls from messenger you can know about them with this data.

5. Comments – In which post what you commented is all saved in this data.

6. Profile Information – All the things which you mentioned in “About You” column, you can see here.

7. Likes And Reaction – In which post you showed your reaction and which you liked all data is saved here.

8. Friends – Data about your whole friend list and when they did become your friends, you can download all the data from Facebook.

9. Groups – You can get the data of all your current and old groups.

10. Following and Followers – List of your followers and your following list you can all download from Facebook.

11 Events – In which events you are invited and what you decided to do about them all the data you can check on Facebook.List of the data which you can download from fb

12. Pages – You can easily download the list of pages where you are a an admin.

13. Saved Items – All the posts which you saved or download with facebook, you can get the details of them.

14. Apps And Websites – Which apps and website you allowed and login while using Fb, you can download the data of them.

15. Marketplaces – Facebook stores all the data of your marketplaces activities.

16. Your Places And Location – Which places and locations you’ve visited and shared with facebook you can get all the list of them.

17. Payment History – You can download the list of your all transactions through facebook.

18. Advertisement – Which advertisement you liked and watched, you get all the details from fb.

19. Security And Login Info – All your login, logout, password changed request all the data you can download from fb.

20. Other Activities – Your all other activities like poke someone or getting poke back from them , all data saved in fb.


So these are information which facebook saved about you. You can easily download your own all history from there by following these simple steps…

First Step – Visit to Fb page and login with your id and password.

Second Step – Open the settings and now scroll down you can see a option “Your Facebook Information”, and there is an another option in it “Access Your Information”, so click on that particular.

Third Step – Now click on “Download Your Information”.Download your information from fb

Fourth Step – After the click it shows you All the list of information, so you can select all or as per your choice.

Fifth Step – In the Top of that page it ask for time range, file type and media quality, so select as per your choice.

Sixth Step – Click on “Create File”, it will take some time but when it will be completed Facebook notify you and you can check your data.

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So by following these simple steps you download everything what facebook knows about you. So check it and remember your old days with facebook and of you face any problem to get it, write down to us.



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