Check your CIBIL SCORE on Whatsapp without any cost

If you want to take any Loan any credit from banks or from finance companies they first check your CIBIL Score and than they decide that you are eligible or not, so CIBIL Score matters very most to us. In Internet there are so many websites which provides you your CIBIL Score but some of them are fake or some of them are chargeable. But now you can check your CIBIL Score on Whatsapp without any cost or without surfing any website.

CIBIL Score gives by the company CIBIL which actually your Credit score on the behalf of your past credit transactions. And this time Wishfin working as a partner of CIBIL for this programme which named as “WhatsApp for Credit Score”. CIBIL scoreSo there are only few simple steps to check Your CIBIL score on Whatsapp.

  1. Firstly you have to give a missed call on this no. 8287151151.
  2. Now open your Whatsapp and there you can see you have added in a new Whatsapp chat.
  3. Now the other chat person ask you for your mobile no., your gender and your date of birth so You have to mention these details there.
  4. And than you have to mention your PAN number there.
  5. Now you have to type your full address which you mentioned in bank details.
  6. And in the end you have to send your present living city and state and you email id also.
  7. Now after few seconds you will get a OTP on both your mobile no. And Email-id. And you also have to share it with the chat person.
  8. After that in the next message you will get your CIBIL Score report. CIBIL or Credit score is a three digits score which starts from 300 and upto 900.

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There is an another easy method to get your CIBIL Score on Whatsapp but for this method you have to go through by official website of Wishfin.CIBIL score check So all you have to do you have to fill your details there like mobile no.,Pan no., Or email id and than OTP and then they will send you your CIBIL Score on your given Whatsapp no. and this is also a free method.


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