Why is It Dangerous to Look At The Solar Eclipse With Naked Eyes

Why is It Dangerous to Look At The Solar Eclipse With Naked Eyes
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We all know that we needed light to see anything, and when light exceeds its limit it also can lead to our eyesight. but how it can be related to the solar eclipse? Does the sun’s light increases during the solar eclipse? And why is it dangerous to see the solar eclipse with naked eyes? The answers to all these questions are related to each other, so let’s know what they are…

The largest source of natural light on our earth is the sun. Sun is the largest star in our solar system which is basically a single, large, continuously running thermonuclear explosion. Its light is so bright that we can not even see the Sun continuously for a few seconds. According to various medical reports, continuous observation of the sun can lead to many disorders in our eyes, which also include blindness. And it is not just for the solar eclipse day but it can happen any other day. But why are we asked to pay more attention to the eyes only on the day of solar eclipse…

Why Solar Eclipse Dangerous For Naked Eyes

However, as I mentioned, looking at the sun on any day can be harmful to our eyes, but seeing the sun during the eclipse is more dangerous than seeing the usual full sun. During the solar eclipse, the sun emerges from behind the moon, and after so much darkness, a lot of light screams in just a moment by suddenly, that surprised your eyes which are not suddenly ready for such bright light. When the sun hides behind the moon, the light decreases in our environment, and our eyes go relaxed, but suddenly when the sun comes out behind the moon, all its light hit our light-sensitive receptors at the back of the eye, and our eyes fail to handle all these bright  ultraviolet radiations, which can cause “eclipse blindness” or retinal burns, also known as solar retinopathy.

This damage can be both temporary and permanent, and most importantly, you will not feel any pain because the retina has no pain receptors.

During the solar eclipse, people often try to see the sun with naked eyes when the sun is completely covered with the moon, although it is a safe way, but it is also risky, because if the sun changes its position suddenly, then the thinnest piece of a crescent moon peeping out from behind the moon also emits enough light to damage your eyes.

Safe Ways to Look Solar Eclipse

safe way to watch solar eclipse
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If you really want to see the solar eclipse then your eyes need the protection of an effective UV-inhibitor filter. This protection is not obtained by conventional sunglasses or stylish spectacles, but for this, you need the industrial power conservation of the number 14 welder glasses, or even better specs which have been specifically designed to see the eclipse. Glasses which designed to see the eclipse known as Solar viewer or solar viewing glasses and easily available in the market.

Eye Symptoms That Can Occur From Looking At The Solar Eclipse With Naked Eyes

  • Distorted vision
  • Altered color vision
  • Loss of central vision (solar retinopathy)

These are the major ey symptoms that can occur after looking at the solar eclipse with naked eyes and if you feel any of them go to the eye specialist as soon as possible.

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So hopefully, now you may have understood why is it dangerous to look at the solar eclipse with naked eyes. But still, if you have any questions or concerns regarding this you can ask us in the comments section.


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