Now You Can Enable Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger

Facebook is ready again with a new surprising feature for their billions of mobile users, and the feature is “Dark Mode”. The first time this feature was announced in last year at F8 developer conference and after lots of requests and a long wait finally Facebook team launched the Dark Mode feature for its Facebook Messenger app.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most used apps all around the world, and after the release of dark mode or night mode in many large social platforms such as YouTube, Telegram etc, a lot of people demanded this feature on Facebook too, and finally their wait is over. The Dark mode is released together for both of the android and iOS Facebook Messenger users, and in all for countries.

How To Enable Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger

Enabling dark mode in facebook messenger is very easy and to do so just follow these steps…

1. Open facebook messenger on your smartphone and sign in with your Fb id and password.

2. Now start a chat with any of your Facebook friends and in the chat thread click on the “Smiley Face Icon” (Emoji Box).

Dark mode in Facebook Messenger

3. Now in the Emoji section, you will get three options there, Stickers, Gifs, and Emoji, so select the “Emoji” option and find Crescent moon emoji and send it to your friend on chat.

4. Just after sending the Crescent moon emoji, you will see a rain of Crescent moon emoji over your chat box and after it completed a notification will pop up on the top of the chat screen, which says, “You found dark mode” and “Turn on in settings” so click on it.

how to activate dark mode in facebook messenger

5. Now it will take you to the settings page, where you can be able to enable and disable the “Dark Mode” feature for your Facebook Messenger app.

So that’s how you can turn on dark mode in facebook messenger app, although at present there is not any proper way to enable this mode but the Facebook team is working on it and surely very soon we will get a complete way to reach Dark mode setting but till then we have to use this method.

Benefits Of The Dark Mode Feature

There are several benefits of dark modes but the main reason why many big apps and browsers are giving this feature to their users is that this feature reduces the blue lights which harmful for eyes. Dark Mode also reduces the battery consumption so people can enjoy a long lasting battery backup. There are few other benefits of this feature also like Improved readability of text, Better Contrast, Reduced Eye Fatigue, Less Prone to Triggering Photophobia.

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So that is all about the new Dark Mode feature of Facebook Messenger app, hopefully, now know how to enable Dark mode on FB messenger but still if you have any questions about this new feature so you can ask us in the comments section.


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