Difference Between Dark Web , Deep Web and Surface Web

Internet becomes our new best buddy or you can say another necessity of our life. Mostly of your time we are spending on internet no matter either it for our office work or for entertainment. We searched many things on many websites but do you know what kind of websites you are using or accessing? I know that, this is confusing for you because most of us don’t know about the kind of web. So there are total three kind of websites which available on internet and their names are..

1. Dark Web

2. Deep Web

3. Surface Web

All the three webs are different from each other so let’s find out what they are actually..

Surface Web 

The reason why i am starting with Surface web is because everyone got already attached with it. Surface websites are the group of websites which we are using daily. These websites are available on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and opens for general public. You can find these websites easily without any special permission or any special browser. Surface Web is the lighter part of the internet.


Deep websites are the deeper part of internet as per their name. These websites are not available for everyone but that doesn’t mean these websites are illegal. Most of the Deep-Web are legal but authorized for selected users. You can not find these websites on Google, Yahoo or other search engines. These websites are accessible by only special links but doesn’t require any special browser. Deep web specially used for banking, money transfer or other services which requires security and privacy.

Accessing illegal website is a crime and we do not support it.


Dark Web the third in our list but the most using websites on internet. These websites are not available on search engines like deep web. But you don’t need special links to Access these kind of websites, i know now you thinking so how can we Access these type of website? So the answer is, there are some special browser for using these kind of websites and The Onion Router (TOR) is one of best browser for accessing Dark websites. Usually the websites we using are starting with WWW but these websites have their own domain and links. And where they all links and domain belongs is called Dark net. Dark net and Dark web are related with each other because Dark net is the place where all Dark web Exists. Mostly Dark website are used for illegal works like weapon marketing , or other illegal medicine or Bitcoin marketing and it is a crime to use these kind of websites.

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So these are the three parts of internet, most of us only knows about the surface web only because we thinks that that is all in internet but the truth is surface web is only 4% of Internet and rest 96% divided in Dark web or Deep web. So if you have any queries about that ask us in comments box and please stay away from Dark Websites. This article is only for knowledge purpose, we do not support any illegal websites.



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