Difference Between Deleting A File And Erase A File

Difference Between Deleting A File And Erase A File

Smartphones and computers are one of the important needs of today’s world. And Anyone who uses it knows very well that it is important to organize the files. Because it impacts directly to your Storage, now you’re thinking how?? So the answer is, organizing the files in a right way and time to time will help you to find unnecessary files or folders which only holds the storage or space and once you separate them you can easily move them off from you Smartphones or PC. Now the real concern starts from here when you found all the unnecessary files and folders and the concern is how to move out them from smartphone and pc, should I need to delete them or should I need to erase them? Now you are thinking that what’s the difference, both the options are same. But my friends this is not true because there is a huge difference between deleting a file and erase a file so let’s learn together what is the difference between deleting a file and erase a file …

What’s the Difference Between Deleting A File And Erase A File

First, we have to understand both of them separately Then we can easily understand the difference between deleting a file and erase a file , so start from deleting a file ..

Deleting A File

Delete is the most common term for moving out a file from your pc and smartphone but most of us don’t know that delete is not a proper way to move out a file from your for forever. In easy words, if you delete a file and folder from your smartphone and pc, you only hide it from your accessible storage, but the data of that file and folder still occupies the storage of your device. And whenever you need it you can restore it easily, there are so many different recovery software are available to restore your deleted data. Some of the devices have recycle bin and trash and you can easily restore your deleted data from there but if you don’t find any options like this you can use other software for it. So delete is not the correct option for moving out any file.

Erase A File

Erasing a file is different from deleting a file, as we mentioned above that deleting a file is not a proper way to moving out any file from the system so what is the proper method? So the proper method is Erasing a file and that is the exact difference between delete a file and erase a file. So whenever you erase a file you can never get it back again, it just moved for forever. Where in deleting method, the file is only hidden from accessible storage but its data still cover the storage but whenever you erase any file you send out it and its data from your device forever. So erasing any file is a perfect method because it’s not only the way to erase any file but also free your storage. Erasing a file is the best option in especially those conditions where you need to free the space or want to delete any virus infected file. There are two ways or you can say two methods to Erase any file.

1. Wipe Everything
2. Shred Anything

Wipe Everything 

You can judge the meaning of this way by its name “Wipe Everything”. So like its name you can use this option to erasing or wipe Everything from a specific storage option like wiping the drive or wipe the hard disk. So whenever you want to erase everything from a separate storage option and you never want it’s data back you can Wipe it.

Shred Anything

Shred is also a part of erasing the data but its just opposite from wiping the data. Where you use wipe option for delete everything, you can use shred method to delete individual files. Shred option usually used when you want to delete some selected files from your device storage, so simply you can select them or shred them or you can say erase them but the only condition is that you will never get those erased files.

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So I think now you can understand the exact difference between Delete a file and erase a file , it seems like only a word’s different but it is not because both are opposite from each other, so it’s a huge difference between delete a file and erase a file. And still, if you have any questions so you can share with us in the comments section.


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