Difference Between HDD And SSD And How They Works

Difference Between HDD and SSD

In today’s time computers and laptops have become the first priority of almost every person, everybody wants him to have the latest technology computer or laptop. But There are so many things on the computer that are different for a common computer user, a gamer, and other professional computer users. But there are such things also which matters most for both and storage is one of them. Storage is something that everyone wants to be more in their computer and with a quick transfer speed. And when it comes to choosing the right storage options, it is a little bit confusing because there are different options ( HDD and SSD ) available for us as per our priorities or needs so choosing the right option is always hard for everyone. And for storage thing If we change our thinking direction towards past few years ago, so that time it was easy to pick the perfect storage option because there was only one storage option HDD (Hard Disk Drive) but as technology grows ups there is another option comes and that is SSD (Solid State Drive), and there is huge difference between HDD and SSD.

Difference between HDD and SSD

So before going to know the Difference between HDD and SSD let’s know first What is HDD and What is SDD and how they both works…

What Is HDD

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive which is the older storage option in the comparison of both HDD and SDD, But still, it is the most using Storage option of the present time. The first Hard Disk Drive presented in 1956 and by IBM, So yes we can say that this is an old search but since then there have been many changes in it so far. When it invented it stores only a few megabytes data but now it can store maximum 10 Terabytes. For computers and laptops, the size of HDD is maximum 2 to 3 inches and it gives you both read and write access. After approximately 60 years of release, it is still the first choice of most of the computer and laptop users because it gives you more storage in less price. As compared to HDD, other secondary storage devices are very costly and it’s hard to afford it by a common person.

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The reason behind its cheaper price is, it has a low data transfer rate as the comparison to SSD but for a common person, the speed of HDD is enough. At present there are so many options are available for HDD which offers by so many popular companies like Toshiba, Seagate, Sony, and others so you can choose one of them.

How It Works

In the inside of a Hard Disk Drive, there is platter which made by a round magnetic plate, the platter divided into so many different areas which give the access of read and write and also give the unique address to each file. The motor is another important part in HDD which is situated for spin the magnetic platter, and it is important that HDD communicate with the system to store the data smartly and for that, an I/O controller and firmware is available there.What is HDD and SSD

So when the Motor start and the platter spin in their location, the average speed of platter spin is 4200rpm to 7200rpm but it is not fixed because it also depends on other things like ram and Space. The higher speed of spin gives you the higher rate of data transfer. So that’s how A Hard Disk Drive works.

What Is SSD

The full form of SSD is Solid State Drive and SSD is the latest technology based Storage option. SSD firstly introduced in 1978 by Storage Technology Corporation, but Because of its high-cost price it always ignored but from last few years the price of SSD has declined in the past few years and that’s why now people taking interest to purchase SSD. There also so many changes have been done with SSD from its release, now it available in the market with different kind of storage capacity options which is the main improvement users needed. The main difference between HDD and SSD is the speed of transfer. SSD gives you the higher data transfer rate and that’s the reason, it is the first choice of professional computer users, companies and most of the gamers. SSD looks like a normal Board of microchips, there is no any platter or moving parts like HDD which connected with Sata Or Pcle cable. Most of the people don’t know about the types of SSD but it is important because they each are for different purpose. So there is total three type of SSD memories available in the market.

1. SLC (Single level cell)
2. MLC (Multi level cell)
3. TLC (Triple level cell)

So before purchasing an SSD, read about them and they’ll make easy to choose the right one for you.


How SSD Works

SSD works on NAND-based flash memory which is kind of non-volatile type of memory which saves your data even when your computer is turned off. In SSD There is no any physical Disk or moving platter for data storage and transfer and in the place of them SSD uses electrical integrated circuit assemblies for the quick speed of data transfer and these electric circuits are divided into different pages where all the data stored. And pages are attached with blocks. So whenever you trying to transfer the data, every time it will transfer the data in the new page and that’s why we got a quick speed. An another but most important part of SSD is Controller, In SSD there is Controller which communicate between NAND memory and the rest of system, it also blocks the incorrect mapping. The highest speed of SSD is 654 Megabytes per second write speed and 712 megabytes per second read speed.What is HDD and SSD

So now you know what is HDD and SSD and now let’s find out the difference between HDD and SDD with the table chart.

Difference Between HDD And SSD By Table Chart

We already mentioned so many Difference between HDD and SSD but if you are still confused and want to understand it easily, so you can do it easily via this Table …

Point  Of Comparison HDD SSD
Full Name Hard Disk Drive Solid State Drive
Cost Available at a reasonable price Expensive than HDD
Speed It works with a normal speed of data transfer. It is 30% faster than Hard Disk Drive.
Size 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches Same as HDD
Consumption High Consumption Low Consumption
Maximum Capacity Highest 10 Tb Highest 4TB
Durability Less Durable Drive More Durable Drive than HDD
File Copy Speed 50mbps To 150mbps 200mbps to 500mbps
Magnetic Effect Magnetic effect can remove all the stored data. No any Magnetic affect
Noise And Vibration Yes Because of a motor and moving parts which creates Noises and Vibration. There is no any noises and vibration you can hear.


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So hoping that after reading this article you will understand What is HDD and SSD and it also helps you to know the difference between HDD and SSD. And if you have any feedback and doubts you can ask us or write us down in the comments box.


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