Difference Between Waterproof Phone And Water Resistant Phone

difference between waterproof phone and water Resistant phones

Smartphone becomes one of our basic requirements today, even if we do not carry smartphone for a single day, many of our work stops. And that is the reason while purchasing a smartphone, we take care of a lot of things, such as Ram, Storage capacity, battery power, etc. And with these features, Some smartphones companies also gives us additional waterproof and dustproof features, and some of them provide us water resistant feature. know that waterproof and water resistant feature looks the same, but in reality, they are not. Many of us consider them the same, but there is a small safety difference between waterproof phone and water Resistant phones, and we can measure that safety difference with IP codes. Now I know many people will be wondering that what is IP codes? so before understanding the IP Codes, we have to understand the difference between waterproof phone and water Resistant phone first, so let’s know together…

Difference Between Waterproof Phone And Water Resistant Phone

To understand the difference between the waterproof phone and the water resistant phone, we have to know about them separately. So let’s know first what is the mean of water Resistant Phone …

Water Resistant Phone

So many companies use the word Water Resistant for their gadgets, especially the smartphone companies, but very few of us know the real meaning of Water Resistant. Water Resistant phone does not mean that it will not be damaged in water, but it means that this phone or gadget can able to face water droplets for some degree but only water drops or light showers, not entire water. And you have to clear them too, quickly, only then your phone will be safe, otherwise, water can damage your phone. So overall we can say that the Water Resistant feature provides a low level of protection to your phone with water.

Waterproof Phones

Waterproof phones are much safer than the Water Resistant phone, Waterproof phones are divided into different categories depending on their security level, which is measured by the IP code (IP ratings). Some waterproof phones can only save your phone from rainstorms, so some waterproof phones give you the access to click underwater pictures. And with the help of IP Code, you can easily know which phone is more secure or which one less secure.

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However, today’s companies do not mention clearly that their phones are waterproof phone or water resistant phone, Because it can affect their products sale. So now it becomes your duty to figure out first the difference between Waterproof Phone and Water Resistant Phone before purchasing any phone or gadget. And to know everything about it, you have to understand the IP codes, so let’s know what is IP code and how it determines the rating of the waterproof phones.

What Is IP Code And How Can We Understand Them

You have seen ratings such as IP64 or IP67 in phone’s features many times, but very few people pay attention to this, the rating gives information about the waterproof and dustproof level of the phone. The IP code (IP Ratings) stands for Ingress Protection Marking which also known as International Protection Marking, and it marks the dustproof and waterproof level of the phone. In the IP codes, the first digit, which is next to the IP word, indicates the dustproof level of the phone. The dustproof rating range starts from 0 and ended to 6, and in which 0 is the poorest rating and 6 is the highly secured rating. For example, a phone with IP6X rating gives you high dust security as compared with an IP2X rating phone. However, most of the current smartphones are rated with 5 or 6 dustproof ratings.difference between waterproof phone and water Resistant phones

As I mentioned above, the IP code always has two digits, the first digit states the dustproof rating of the phone, and the second digit shows the phone’s waterproof rating. The waterproof rating of the phone usually ranges from 0 to 8 digits, in which 0 is the lowest and 8 is the most secured rating. For example, IPX7 and IPX8 rated phones give you more protection in water as compared to IPX3 rated phone. However, nowadays, two new waterproof rating 6k and 9k are also coming in some of the phones, although the 9k rating cannot be used for any consumer phone, because it gives the protection against close-range high pressure or pressurized jets of water, not against immersion. So we can say that still, IPX8 is the best waterproof rating for any smartphone. But one thing you need to remember always that, do not think that if your phone is IPX8 then it is completely waterproof and will never be damaged by water, because it is not true. The water can be also entered in waterproof phones, but only their ability to keep the phone safe is high as compared to others. So even if your phone has a good IP rating, you still have to take care of it.

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So time to end this conversation here and hopefully our article will help you to understand the difference between waterproof phone and water resistant phone and the IP code. And if you have any questions regarding these topics, you can ask us in the comments section.


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