Can Our Weight Be Different in Different Places?

different weight in different places

A friend of mine “Filip” lives in Russia, a few days ago, he went to Nepal for visit some beautiful peaks of the Himalayas where a very strange incident happened with him, during a tracking on a peak, there in a camp He checked his weight, and the result came very surprising, The weight of filip which was in Russia 1 day ago was reduced by a few kilograms suddenly, while Filip did not put any extra effort for it. And losing 500 to 700 grams in one day was really a strange phenomenon, but this phenomenon became more shocking when Alex returned back to Russia and checked his weight again because this time the weight machine showed Phillip’s weight as much as it was before going to Nepal Trip. So whether it was a miracle or a fault of the weight machine?

For a few days, I kept thinking about this and then I got the answer that how it happened, Do you understand, no? So let’s know…

Showing different weight at different places was not a miracle or a mechanical malfunction, but the real reason behind it was Gravity. Now you must be thinking that how can gravity affects the weight, so you have probably forgotten the formula that has been taught us in the school, which is, Weight = Mass × Gravity. According to this formula, Gravity and Mass are two such things that can affect the weight of anything. Mass remains the same throughout the world, it never changes, but the amount of gravity differs in different parts of the Earth.

I know it is a little bit confusing because it is often considered by people that Gravity is in equal proportion everywhere on Earth, but that is not true. The gravity is not in equal proportion everywhere on Earth and there are two major reasons for that…

Reasons Why Our Weight Can Be Different In Different Places

The Earth Surface

In the beginning, most of the scientist did not pay much attention to this point, but later in the discovery of some researchers, it was revealed that the surface of the Earth is also one of the main reasons, for unequal gravity on earth. According to a report by New Scientist researchers group, “The amount of gravity on Earth varies at different places because the planet is not perfectly spherical or uniformly dense.”

As if the crust has snow sheets or breaks where the mantle flows up through on the surface of the earth, then gravity is usually less in that area. It can also be understood by the mountains or high altitude places, In any very high mountains or high altitude places, the gravitational forces will be more than ground or lower elevations. So if you are climbing on a high altitude mountain, then you will find yourself slightly more light than the ground surface, as happened with Philip. But if you are visiting a deep valley, then at that time, compared to the ground surface the gravitational force will work more effectively on you.

Distance from Pole and Equator

Earth has two poles, south pole and north pole, gravitational forces are more effective on these two poles or in areas around them, and it’s exactly opposite, the force of gravity becomes weaker at the equator. Now you must be wondering why so happens? So this happens due to two other forces, Centrifugal force, and Centripetal force. Now what are Centrifugal and Centripetal forces, so let’s understand both by this example…

different weight in different places
Image Credit: Geolounge

Most of us go to the gym or workout from the gym instruments at home, so let’s pick one dumbbell out of the gym instrument, 2 or 5 kg will be fine. Now hold that dumbbell in one hand with one side and open your hand and start swinging in a round circle, after a few moments, you will feel that the weight of dumbbell has started to be slightly lighter than before, now stop, now you are feeling the dumbbell is became heavy-weighted again. Now repeat this process again, hold the dumbbell in your hand, but this time instead of opening the hands, freeze your hands with your chest, This time you might have felt that there is no change in the weight of the dumbbell.

In this example, the force which was used in the first Situation was the centrifugal force, which arose out of your swinging, which was less in the center, i.e. your body but more in your open hands and dumbbell because they were spinning faster. And in that situation, the Gravity Force fell a bit, Due to which you felt the weight of dumbbell slightly light. And this is the reason that the gravity on the equator is slightly lower because the Earth rotates on its axis, and on the equator, it rotates on its maximum speed. Centrifugal force is a hypothetical force that shows the motion equations for any object in a rotating reference frame – like on the Earth’s equator.

But in the second situation the speed is very low as compared to the first, so that no other force can be effective except gravity and you feel no changes in weight, this is exactly what happens in the pole, because the speed of the rotation of the Earth is much less compared to the equator in the pole, so the force of gravity is more effective, there is one more reason, and that is the poles are close to the Earth’s center, and that’s why gravitational force works more effectively in the pole and its adjoining areas.

How much difference can we get in our weight in poles and equator? I know this question must be running in your mind, In the previous many research, different equations have emerged, most of them are incorrect because there are many components affecting this equation. But a solution that many researchers took out and which also looks quite satisfactory, is 0.5%. According to this equation, the gravitational acceleration is 9.78 m/s2 at the equator and 9.83 m/s2 at the poles, that means we weigh about 0.5% more at the poles than at the equator.

Highest Gravity And Lowest Gravity

A team of researchers led by Christian Hart of Curtin University in Australia mixed the gravitational data of satellites and topographic data, Mount Nevado Huascaran in Peru has the lowest gravitational acceleration, at 9.7639 m/s2, while the highest is at the surface of the Arctic Ocean, at 9.8337 m/s2.

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So that’s why we weigh different in different places. Hopefully, today’s our article will prove useful to you, but still, if you have any questions regarding our different weight in different place so you can ask us in the comments section.


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