Do Plants Really Feel Pain? Truth or Myth…

do plants feels pain
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Many times we hear from people that do not break plants, they also breathe, they also feel pain. If this is so, that means whenever we eat fruits and vegetables, every time trees and plants feels pain. But is it really true? or it is just an illusion, do plants really feel pain?

If you want a short answer then the answer is no, no plants do not feel pain. Plants have no brain system or central nervous system, which means not only pain they can’t feel anything.

Humans and animals experience pain through sensory nerve cells. These are the same types of cells that transmit information to our senses, which allows us to smell, see, hear, taste and touch. These cells are part of the peripheral nervous system, which includes all the nerves of the body except the spinal cord and the brain. But like humans and animals plants do not feel pain because they do not have pain receptors, nerves system, or a brain, which make them feel pain.

But are we sure that, plants do not feel pain? Although according to all researches done on plants, researchers believe that plants do not feel pain, but there are some facts that forces to think about it again. Such as it has been found, many plants can feel physical stimuli and damage and can communicate in ways that are more sophisticated than previously thought.

Also, some plants have clear sensory abilities, Venus Flytrap and its unreliable traps are the best example of this that can be closed in about half-a-second. Another example is the sensitive plant which folds its leaves rapidly in response to the touch.

do Arabidopsis plants feels pain
Arabidopsis Plant

Apart from these plants which have sensory abilities, there are also some other plants, in which researchers have found the ability to feel and respond to mechanical stimuli at the cellular level. One of them is “Arabidopsis,” which is a kind of mustard, research on this plant revealed that whenever caterpillars or aphids start eating it, this plant sends electrical signals from one leaf to the other to ramp up its chemical defenses against herbivory. Although this remarkable response begins with physical damage, an electrical warning signal is not equal to a signal of pain and we should not anthropomorphize an injured plant as a plant in pain. Although there is a lot of clear evidence we have that plants do not feel pain but still these few characteristics of plants force us to think that do plants really feels pain.

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So hopefully, now you may have understood that do plants really feel pain or not. The facts discovered yet proves that plants do not feel pain, but if you have any fact that can help us to understand that plant feel pain or still if you have any confusions that do plants really feel pain so you can share with us in the comments section.


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