How To Download And Delete What Google Knows About You

Google the world’s no. one search engine gives us the power to know anything to search anything. It has all the answers to our questions no matter what we ask it always gives us smart answers. We searched about all other things many times but do you ever searched what Google knows about you? , How google create your image at its database? I know most of the people don’t know about it, but yes it’s true that google saves our every action in its database. It knows so many things about you. But here a question raise that how it know about you? So let’s see how….

How Google Know About You

Google is the first thing comes in our mind whenever we have to search about anything or we need answers about any question and it helps Google to know about us from our most searches. Whenever we search about anything or we find anything on maps or whatever we like or whatever we download, google record all your activity by their products which we are using like Gmail, Google Drive, etc. Google knows our most going places by their map system and it increases its own business by knowing which kind or advertisement we want to see. So what we search and what we act in past days helping google to know about us and about our choices. And here the question is what Google knows about us…

What Google Knows About Us

Google stores so many things about us and it helps us both. If you’re using Google products, you need to know that Google set its eyes everywhere so whenever you search anything google records your history. So lets What Data google stores….

  • Searched or visited places By Google Map.
  • History of all installed Applications.
  • Google Assistant History.
  • Your contacts.
  •  Your files on google drive.
  • Linked Photos.
  • All searches on Google Play.
  • Your all mails history From Gmail.
  • Data of All searches on Google.
  • Your all searches on Youtube. How To Download Your Data From Google

These are only some main options, Google provides you a few more options for download. So let’s see How you can download your all data from Google.

How To Download 

The leading search engine Google records your all data in its storage and it helps Google to serve you all the stuff as per your choices and interest. And If you want to download all Your Information from google so yes it can be possible by following these simple steps….

1. Go to the Google login page and Sign in with your Google Account.

2. Now Open Google Takeout Page By following

3. Now it shows you all the products which linked with your google account so select them all for all the info.

4. Now click on the next button for going further than in the next page select the file format means in which format you want to download your data. I suggest you to download in Zip Format because your data can be larger than 2 GB and there are lots of problems to download file more than or equal to 2 GB. So it can be quick or helpful for you to download the data on Zip format.

5. Now select the Download folder option means where you want to save your data in hard drive, or in Google drive or anywhere else.

6. Now click on Archive and then it takes some time which depends on how much data you have for downloading.

Now once it downloaded, Open the ZIP file and you can find all your data which Google Stores about you.

How to delete your data from Google Database

Once you download your all data from Google if you want to delete it from google database so you can easily do that by following only a few easy steps..

First Step – Open MY Activity Page on your google account.

Second Step – Now on the right side you will see three dots (for more options), click on them. And select the option “Delete activity by”.

Third Step – Now it will ask for the time period and name of those products which history you want to delete. So select them as per your choice and then, Hit on the delete button.

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 So this is how you can Delete and Download a copy of your data from Google. And if you face any problem in this process , write down us and we will surely trying to fix your problems.


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