Facebook Accounts Hacked : i am still secure or not

facebook accounts hacked

One of the leading social media platform Facebook is not popular and trustable now as much as it was before. This year we have faced some other aspects of Facebook, which has changed our thinking towards Facebook. Earlier in this year, we came to know about our personal data theft or sold by Facebook, which caused some reduction in trust in Facebook, but did not hide our Facebook attachment. And after that now the news came about millions of Facebook accounts hacked, Which is now concerned about the security of our Facebook accounts and the security of our personal information and that is too disappointing for every Facebook users.

So after all the investigation by facebook team, now The Head of Facebook accepted and announced that there are total 50 million Facebook accounts are hacked or attacked. Team Facebook also said that 50 million is not an accurate count, it may be approximately 90 million. So if we count There are total 2.23 billion active users on Facebook and approximately 90 millions users accounts hacked so if we calculate, this is a big part of total active users and that’s also the reason behind the decreasing of facebook popularity.

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The team of Facebook regularly works on this issue And they promised to fix it very very soon. They also inform FBI (US Federal Bureau of Investigation) and U.S. Police and they both working together to find the “unknown source” or we can say the “Hacker”. So before going for further details, first let’s know How all facebook accounts hacked by the hacker…..

How All The Facebook Accounts Hacked

I know after reading this news, there are lots of questions comes in your mind like, how can anyone hack FB? , Is there any shortage of Facebook security system? , Or etc etc . So answer of all your questions is here. The security of Facebook platform is still in safe hands but sometimes we missed something which we think useless or not worthy, and that has exactly happened here. The problem starts with the coding, which done when Fb team released their new feature “View As”. With this feature, users can see how their profile showing to other FB users and only this little thing allowed the hackers to steal the access token (which is the like a security access key) and with the help of this key, the Hackers got full control on these hacked facebook accounts.

The problem with this feature first time appeared in July 2017 and that time stopped all other feature related to this View as feature but only one option they left which is “our birthday wishes” and with this feature you can see how anyone can see the birthday wishes you have got and hackers got their chance this time and the result, most of the Facebook accounts hacked. So that’s how 90 millions of Facebook accounts hacked.

Is My Fb Account Hacked

So if you’re searching ” How can I check my FB account is hacked or not ” on the Internet so my friend believes me you are wasting your time, because there is no any way to know exactly that your account is still safe or hacked. There are a few points which help you to understand which facebook accounts hacked or which are not but even FB team not sure about this trick. These tricks based on the notification so if you are not asking for resetting your password that means there nothing happened with your account and if you’re receiving any notification for reset the password, that means facebook trying to remove all other devices where your id opens. Other than this the head of FB also said that we are not sure about what kind of access they stole but the first investigation report by FB team said that they only hack your about details or profile details and they can’t access your personal messages and settings. So after the first report, you can believe that you are not in so much danger and with that always up to date with fb notifications because you may get any notification about Facebook accounts hacked activity.

How To Secure Facebook My Account

After this incident where most of the Facebook accounts hacked people trying to know that “How can they Secure their Facebook Accounts”. So there are some tips which you can use to survive safely but we are not sure about it, so very first change your Facebook account password and make it more strong with using alphabets, numerical keys and than special characters. After that select the option “Log out me with all other devices”, so click on it will log out you from all other devices. Select 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) security, so whenever anyone tried to log in your FB id on another device, you will receive an OTP, so it will help to secure your FB account from hackers.

You can use other USB security keys to secure your FB account but they are costly. So these are some helpful ways to not become the next victim or part of ” Facebook accounts hacked news”.

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So this is all about the latest Facebook accounts hacked incident and hopefully, our trick to secure your fb account from Hackers will also help you. And if you have any feedback and suggestions for us write down in the comments box.


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