Facebook Launched their new Watch Party feature

After the 6 month of testing, Facebook launched their new feature ” Watch Party ” . At present time this feature rolled out for facebook group users only and With the help of this feature group users can watch any real time or recorded videos together. It is not like live video streaming because it gives you the features that you can play previously recorded video also. There are so many different categories as per your choice so you can select any video by your choice and you can post them in group as a watch party. The most interesting thing about this feature is Users of the group not only can watch video together they can also give their reactions there, and can share there thought with the other users. Facebook Launched this feature for all the global users of facebook.Facebook Watch Party FeatureHow it works – So there is a very short process to start a watch party. You simply have to follow these few steps…

1. Login to your Facebook account and open that perticular group where you want to start the Watch Party.

2. Now you can see the add post column , now select the watch party option from there.

3. Now add a caption if you want and click on the video icon and select the category of your video like live video or recently record video.

4. Now click on the post button and after that the party will start.

The group where you start the party have the rights to play,pause or restart the party.

Some of the users of Facebook lost their trust After the data related issues but still it is no.1 Social media platform and facebook continuously trying build their user group again with new features and team Facebook believe that it feature can help to achieve the goalFacebook Watch Party Feature. Facebook released two more sub feature with this feature.

1. The first one is Co-Hosting feature , and with the help of this feature, the host group can add another group as the co host group and than watch party will start in both of the groups and members of both of both group can enjoy the watch party.

2. The second one is Crowd sourcing. It helps the host group to get suggestions from the group members about adding more videos.

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This time watch party feature is only available for facebook groups but Company wants to launch it for every individual profile and testing for this already started. So enjoy this feature and send us your reviews and feedbacks.


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