A New Facebook Message Delete Feature Coming Soon

Facebook Message Delete Feature

After facing so many blame about hacking and data stealing now Facebook is ready to move out from these controversies. Because of these controversies, Facebook lost its trust in eyes of its audience. But now it seems that Facebook wants to rely on its trust by launching new features and that’s why Facebook launched so many new features recently and to continue with this plan, Facebook is again ready with new Facebook Message Delete Feature. At present, FB team only announced that this feature will come but they didn’t announce that when will it Release. So before going to forward lets found out first what’s the Facebook Message Delete Feature …

What is Facebook Message Delete Feature 

With facebook message delete feature you can delete any of your send messages within 10 minutes of its sending time. So if you send the wrong message to the wrong person by mistaken, so now you can delete it but you will get only ten minutes (after sending) to delete it. Because FB team thinks that if it happens by mistake so ten minutes is the sufficient time for removing it. And the impressive part of this feature is that the receiver will not get any notification for it.

As per the reports, the testing for this feature is near to end and very soon with the new update users will get this feature. This feature will release for Facebook messenger Application and in starting days it will be available for iOS users only. So whenever iOS users will get the version of FB messenger they will get this feature into it.

Although this is the first time when Facebook users will get this feature but Message Delete Feature is not a new feature on other social media platforms and most of the users have already used it in Instagram and Whatsapp. In Instagram, this feature or option is named as Unsend message where you can remove your all send messages from both of the sides (receiver and sender) and any time no matter receiver read them or not. And in WhatsApp Messenger which is also owned by Facebook, this feature already exists and named as delete messages. In WhatsApp you can delete messages by two ways first is only from your side and the second way is you can use Message Delete feature for both the sides.

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So this is all about the upcoming Facebook Message Delete feature , although it is not a big feature but surely it will helpful to make the bond more strong between all FB users. So be ready for the new FB messenger update because it will be coming very soon and once you get it then use Facebook Message Delete Feature whenever you need it. And if you have any questions about it, write down us in the comments section.


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