4th Season Of Pubg Mobile Released With New Vehicle And Rifle

4th Season Of Pubg Mobile

Pubg is one of the most popular games around the world, the mobile version of this game has crossed 100 million downloads in just a few months. And I think the credit should be given to its developers (Tencent games) who always brings new features with new updates. And to continue in this sequence, Tencent games have announced the 4th season of Pubg mobile. Through a tweet, the Tencent games announced that the 3rd season of pubg mobile has ended and the 4th season of pubg mobile (0.9.5 update) has started from 21st of November means today. Although the new season was released on November 20th, but it will be available for download from today. So let’s know what special features this season will have…

Features You Will Get In 4th Season Of Pubg Mobile

So here we sharing few most amazing features which you will get in pung mobile season 4.

New Rifle M762


Rifle m762 in 4th Season Of Pubg MobileThe new rifle which you will find in the 4th season of pubg is the rifle M762. This rifle is already available in the pc version of pubg, which is known as Beryl M762. This is a rifle which adjusts the stock automatically. The Rifle M762 is available in 3 different modes, which is Single Brust mode, Triple shot mode, and Full auto mode. This is a 7.62mm rifle which will be available for all the maps.

Dynamic Weather

Dynamic weather had already been reported to launch but at that time it was not available, but now it will be coming with the 4th season of pubg mobile. In the dynamic weather feature the weather varies in the middle of the game, so far this feature was only available for sanhock map in the Pc version, but now it will also be available in the mobile version.

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New Characters And Skins

New skins are the feature which we have seen most of the time when a pubg update comes. And that’s what you will find in Pubg Mobile Season 4th, where you will also find some new characters along with new skins and the main two of them are Suicide Squad movie’s Harley Quinn and Joker’s character. And if you have a royal pass in the game then it will be easy for you to get them.

New Scooters In Sanhock Map


Scooters in 4th Season Of Pubg MobileYou will also find colorful scooters in the 4th season of pubg mobile. These scooters have just been released for sanhock maps, which can travel up to 2 players simultaneously. These scooters are already available in the pc version of pubg, and now they are available in the mobile version as well.

Ranking System

By the way, there will be no change in ranking system rules in the 4th season of pubg mobile. But you will get 2 places down from your old rankings. And From this change in the new season, all the players will get equal opportunities for a new beginning.

New Chat System

Tencent Games has created a new chat system for the 4th season of pubg mobile, which will be much lite compared to the previous chatting system. And that’s why it will reduce your ram usage. In this new update, for matchmaking, you will not even need to choose a second language to find a partner who understands your language.

Hardcore mode

According to its name, this mode is also very hard. The special thing about this mode is, you will not find any footsteps noise of opposable players or any other audio cues so that the possibility of getting around them will always be maintained. This mode will undoubtedly be difficult but also very exciting, although it will be available for only one week, which will be called Hardcore Week.

Royale Pass

In the 4th season of pubg mobile, you will also get the facility of royale pass. And through it you can easily get the access to new firearm finishes, rare outfit rewards, new character faces, hairstyles, mission cards, increased crate item, and as well as you can get the discount on the Black Friday event.

How To Download 4th Season Of Pubg Mobile 

There are no any hard steps to follow for download the 4th season of pubg mobile. Android and iOs Both users just have to go to their app store and search the pubg game and then click on the update option.

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So this is all about the 4th season of pubg mobile, so download it and enjoy all the new features of it. And if you have any questions about this new season, you can ask us in the comments section.


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