Features Of Android Q Announced At I/O 2019

features of Android Q announced by google at IO 2019

Android Q has not been completely released yet but it already remains in great discussions. People are quite eager to know about Android Q, and therefore very often we get to hear a lot of questions about Android Q such as when will the stable version of Android Q release? Can we also use the beta version of android Q in our android mobile? Which new features in Android Q will be seen? There are many more such questions that often go on in the mind of Android users. And in the Google I / O 2019 (from May 6, 2019, to May 9, 2019,) the Google team responded to a few similar questions.

Among all the information provided by the company about android Q, the main attraction remained the features of Android Q. Although earlier too many other sources have given information about the features of Android Q, but none of the features were fully confirmed, but in Google I / O 2019, Google provided information about some Confirm Features of Android Q. So let’s see, in Google I / O 2019 what features of android Q have been told about …

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Features Of Android Q

Smart Reply

Smart Reply One such feature which we had also seen in the previous Android version, we will gonna see it again in the Android Q. With the help of Smart Reply feature, you can reply to all messages directly from the notification bar, without opening the app. The smart reply feature has upgraded into Android Q, so that now not only in normal messaging apps but you can also reply messages in secure messaging apps from the notification bar.

Along with this, you will also able to take other messaging related actions directly from the notification bar, such as opening the location (received in the message) directly from the notification bar and so on.

Focus Mode

Focus Mode is One of the best features of Android Q, Focus mode will allow users to choose the distracting apps of their Android mobile. And whenever they enable the focus mode, all the selected distracting apps will be disabled automatically. This feature will be proven most useful whenever you are working on your mobile and you want to be away from all other apps, that time this feature will help you to away from all the distracting apps.

Although, the feature of Focus Mode is not exclusive to Android Q. Because Previously Google has announced that the feature of focus mode will be coming to all Android phones running Android Pie and Android Q this fall.

Dark Mode

After a lot of speculations, it is now clear that the Dark Mode has been included in the Android Q. However, this feature had already arrived in phones with stock Android, in which users could take advantage of it by enabling battery saver. But now this feature will work in all Android Q supported phones. In the Android Q, users will be able to turn on or off Dark Mode from settings, as well as users can enable dark mode via enabling battery saver also.

Live Caption

The live caption is one such feature of Android Q that has not yet been released in beta versions. Live Caption feature will enable captions in all videos you might watch on the platform, One of the special things about this feature is that it not only offers live captions in small videos but also provides caption in long-duration web shows. This feature works totally on the device, so none of your data is sent to the cloud and that is another best thing about this feature. Using this feature will also be easy, this can be enabled by just pressing the volume rocker button and then clicking on the Live Caption option. Now I know few us might be thinking that on which apps it will work so this feature is OS-wide, so don’t worry, it will work across all your apps.

Security Updates

Another special thing that you will find in Android Q is Faster Security Updates. In I / O 2019, Google said that we are currently working on security updates and soon it will be completed and after that in Android Q, users will get security updates faster and more seamlessly. And there will also be no longer need to restart your Android phone to install security updates. And there will also be no need to restart your Android phone to install security updates.

Location Privacy

Location Privacy is one of the most important features of Android Q, which has been given the most attention. In Android Q, Google has given users more control over apps than before, especially in the case of location. In the Android Q, users will get the location privacy feature that will help them to easily know which apps are using their location and how. Users will also get a reminder whenever an app will access their location in the background when they are not using that app.

Apart from this, whenever any application will ask users for permission to access the location, users will get a third option in addition to “Allow” and “Deny” and which will “Allow only while the app is in use.” This new option ensures users that the app can use their location only while the app is in use, and once user will close the app then the app will lose access on the user’s location.

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So these are the features of android Q which Google announced at I/O 2019. So use these features whenever the stable version of Android Q will release but if you don’t want to wait for the stable version you can download the stable beta version of Android Q, which is going to release very soon. You can download the stable beta version of Android Q in these smartphones.

•    Asus ZenFone 5Z       •    Nokia 8.1

•    Essential PH-1            •    Huawei Mate 20 Pro

•    OnePlus 6T                 •    LG G8 ThinQ

•    Oppo Reno                 •    Realme 3 Pro

•    Sony Xperia XZ3        •    Tecno Spark 3 Pro

•    Vivo X27                     •    Vivo NEX A

•    Vivo NEX S                  •    Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G

•    Xiaomi Mi 9                •    All six Google Pixel smartphones

Hopefully, now you know all the confirmed features of android Q but still if you have any questions you can ask us in the comments section.


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