Everything About The Finale Of Pubg Mobile Indian Championship

Recently Pubg team announced a Championship for their Indian Pubg mobile users with the prize pool of 1 crore rupees. The championship announced as open for all tournament where any Indian citizen could participate and that’s why a lots people applied for it but now after the two starting rounds Qualifier and Playoffs there are only a few players remain. Now the tournament is going to end and in its last stage, where only one final round is left to play.

Date, Timing And The Venue Of Pubg Mobile Indian championship Finale

The finale of the Pubg Mobile Indian championship 2019 will be held on 10th March at the G.M.C. Balayogi Indoor Stadium, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The grand finale of this biggest ever Pubg Mobile tournament will start on 11 AM and the tournament will be live streamed on Facebook so you can watch the finale live from your home. After the match prize pool of 1 crore rupees will distribute between the top 10 finalist teams. The Highest prize of 30 lakh will go to the winning, the first runner-up team will take 10 lakh rupees and the second runner-up team (Third position) will go home with the 5 lakh rupees. As I mentioned that the top 10 finalist teams will get the prize so let’s take a look, how much prize money each team will get as per their rankings.

Pubg Mobile Indian Championship Prize Money For Top 10 Winning Teams 

This Pubg mobile Indian championship is the biggest Pubg mobile championship ever with the Prize money of 1 crore Indian rupees. The prize money of 1 crore rupees will be divided into the top 10 finalist teams as per their rankings after the final match. So here is the prize list…


Team Ranking

Prize Money

Prize For Winning Team  INR 30,00,000
Prize For 2nd Rank Team  INR 10,00,000
Prize For 3rd Rank Team  INR 5,00,000
Prize For 4th Rank Team  INR 2,00,000
Prize For 5th Rank Team  INR 1,50,000
Prize For 6th Rank Team  INR 1,00,000
Prize For 7th Rank Team  INR 80,000
Prize For 8th Rank Team  INR 70,000
Prize For 9th Rank Team  INR 50,000
Prize For 10th Rank Team  INR 50,000

Name Of Pubg Mobile Indian Championship Top 20 Finalists

Only the top 20 teams from entire India have made it to the final by performing very well in the starting rounds. And in the final round, these top 20 teams will play against each other and only the top 10 teams from them will earn the prize. We have already talked about the prize pool that how much the top 10 teams will earn, now the time to know the name of all the 20 finalists who will participate in the finale and fight for the winning title…

pubg mobile indian championship finalists

Finalists Team Names

RIP Official The Dreamers
S0UL Oxygen Alpha
Backfromseverny Team INF
Team 2EZ4 No Mercy
Gods Reign ARROW
IMT_Immortals Funky Monkey
Team FireFrost SQUAD99


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So these are the finalist teams and the prize money which top 10 of them will get, so if you’re a Pubg lover don’t forget to watch the finale on 10th March. Hopefully, now you know everything about the finale of pubg mobile Indian championship but still, if you have any questions about it, so you can ask us in the comments section.


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