How To Find WiFi Password in Windows 10

how to find wifi password in windows 10

Highlights: In this article, we will talk about how we can find saved wifi password in Windows 10 and also we will see how we can Find passwords for Wi-Fi networks you’ve previously connected on Windows 10…..

It often happens that after setting the wifi password we forget it, then later when we need it, we don’t remember it. Apart from this it also happens very often that our siblings change the password of wifi secretly from us, which makes it difficult for us to find it. Also sometimes we lose the password of our office wifi, for which it is a bit awkward to ask again, so what we can do in such situation, so do not worry when such situations come in front of you, because you can find the password without anyone’s help, and without resetting the password.

In one of our old articles, we had learned how we can find wifi password in windows 7, windows 8 and windows 8.1. And going beyond that, in today’s our article, we will know how we can find saved wifi password in Windows 10. Also, in this article, we will know how can we find the passwords of our old connected wifi devices. So let’s start with our first topic “How to find saved wifi password in Windows 10″…

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How To Find Saved WiFi Password in Windows 10

The question that most of the people ask is, can we get our WiFi Network’s password back? the answer of which is yes. Your windows 10 system helps you find your WiFi network’s password, Because once you connect your WiFi network to your PC, your WiFi password is automatically saved in Windows Systems. And you can the password whenever you need it. As I mentioned above, you can easily find WiFi password in windows 10 just you have to follow some easy steps, so to find the password for the network that you’re currently connected to, follow these simple steps…

how to find wifi password in windows 10

1.Turn on your windows 10 pc, on the computer screen, the bottom of the right side on the taskbar you will find the WiFi icon, right-click on that icon.

step 2 open network and Internet settings

2. Now you will get two options first “Troubleshoot problems” and second “Open Network and Internet settings”, here you need to click on the second option “Open Network and Internet settings ”, this is for updated window 10 in old windows 10 system you will get the second option as “open network and sharing center” .

step 3 open newtork and sharing center

3. On the Network and Internet setting page, you will get “Network and Sharing Center” option click on it. Now on network and sharing center page you will get the WiFi network’s name and details that your pc is currently connected with. Now click on the name of your current WiFi Network’s name.

how to find wifi password in windows 10 step 5

4. Clicking on WiFi network’s name will take you to the WiFi status summary. At the end of the summary you will get two options, first option “Details” and second option “Wireless Properties”, you need to click on the second option “Wireless Properties”.

5. On the Wireless Properties section, you will get two tabs one is “Connection” and the other is “Security”, click on the “Security” tab.

final step to get your password

6. in the security tab, you will find three sections there, first one security type, second encryption type and the last one is Network security key which means your WiFi Network’s password. you will your WiFi network’s password there hidden behind the *, that you can see by clicking on the Show characters check box.

So that’s how you can find your currently saved WiFi Network’s password on windows 10. Now let’s know, how you can find passwords for Wifi networks you’ve connected to previously on your windows 10 system.

How to Find Passwords for Wi-Fi Networks You’ve Previously Connected On Windows 10

Although it is very rare that you need the password of your old connected wifi network, but there are some circumstances when we need the old password. So in those situations, without facing any problem, you can find the passwords of your old wifi network in your windows 10 system, for which you only have to follow a few simple steps…

1.Turn on your Windows 10 pc and press Windows + R, now type CMD to open the command prompt.

2. In command prompt type the following command…

netsh wlan show profiles

3. After entering the command hit enter, this will show you a list of all the Wi-Fi networks you’ve previously connected, now to get the password of one them, type the following command…

netsh wlan show profile name=profilename key=clear

Remember in this command replace the “profile name” word with the name of the WiFi profile, which profile’s password you want to know.

4. After giving that command, you will get all the details about the searched WiFi profile and to get the Wi-Fi password, Look for the “Key Content” line.

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So that’s how you can find passwords for WiFi networks you’ve previously connected on Windows 10. Hopefully, now you know that what to do when you lost or forgot your wifi network’s password, but still if you face any problem to find wifi password in Windows 10 you can ask us in the comments section.


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