FlexiPai : World’s First Foldable Display Phone

Flexipai is worlds first foldable display smartphone

There are lots of big companies like Samsung, Apple which are working on their Flexible or Foldable display smartphone project. They already published different-different videos about their first Foldable display phone. And between the competitiveness of all these big companies, a Chinese foldable display company launched the world’s first ever Foldable display phone on yesterday.

Rouyu Technology, which is a Chinese Display company surprised the world by launching the world’s first ever foldable display phone. FlexiPai is the name of this new smartphone which perfectly suits on it. FlexiPai has a 7.8-inch display which can be divided into 2 parts. It gives you two options, first is work on full screen and if you split the screen into two parts, you can use both parts separately.

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Features Of First Foldable Display Phone

Although the Rouyu Technology has not disclosed all its features, but at the time of launch, some important features have been reported. So let’s find out what they are..


The world’s first foldable display phone “FlexiPai” has a 7.8 inches foldable AMOLED display which you can divide into two parts. The aspect ratio of this foldable smartphone is 4:3. All the display features are best but if we look at the overall design, it not look like a perfect smartphone because of its big size, so that is the only minus point of its display.


FlexiPai launched with Dual camera Feature which is 16 mega pixel primary and 20 mega pixel secondary camera. The 16 mega pixel primary camera comes with a wide angle feature so you can capture maximum things in one photo. Both the cameras give you good quality pictures.

Memory And Storage

The first Foldable display phone “FlexiPai” launched with two different memory version which is 6GB Ram and 8GB Ram. And if we talking about storage so there are also different options for you, which is 128GB,256GB, and 512GB. All the version are divided by price but that is not clearly mentioned yet.

Processor And Operating System

FlexiPai comes with Water operating system which is a part of Android operating system. The foldable display phone launched with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 processor which is known as Snapdragon 855 processor. And The Snapdragon processor based on 7nm process and it also gives you a fresh feeling because of its new AI system.

Price And Availability

There are so many different versions of Flexible which you will get very soon, so this time company revealed only the starting price of this foldable display phone and which is CNY 9,000 (approximately 95,300 Rupees). And it will available in Chinese market from 1st November means Today.

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FlexiPai has some other features also like Fast charging and 5G support and others and very we reported all of them. So This is all about the world’s first Foldable display phone “FlexiPai”. And if you have any questions about it so you can ask us in the comments section.

Video Credit – Youtube Channel Mobile Bulgaria


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