Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass Released With New Skins

fortnite season 6 battle pass Released

I think if Epic Games had to have another name, then it would be surely Fortnite because Fortnite is the most liked and popular game of Epic games and it set a new level of Epic games. And it’s only possible because they always believe to do something new for their users and this time also they have done exactly the same with the new fortnite season 6 battle pass.

So yes this is true now the wait is over, the Fortnite season 6 battle pass released with lots of new features. The new release is far better than the Fortnite season 5 battle pass in every sense. So before going to the features of Fortnite season 6 battle pass, let’s know what is Battle pass, I know most of us already know about it but there are some new beginners also and it will help them to find out What is Fortnite Battle pass.

What Is Battle Pass 

The battle pass is a regular activity held by Fortnite team at the end of every season which reward the players for their performance and earned points with new features and new gadgets. And this time also epic games release few new changes and features with Fortnite season 6 battle pass, so let’s know what’s New in Fortnite season 6 battle pass ….

What’s New In Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass

Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass released with 100 unlockable tiers and also presents more than 100 new items. 3 new pets, 4 new gliders, 4 back blings , 14 different sprays with amazing colors, 3 pickaxes, new three music tracks and 5 new emotes are the special attraction of this new Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass. You will also get 4 dire outfits and two of them which are most awaited 1. Calamity Outfit 2. DJ Yonder outfit, so let’s see What’s special in these two outfits ..

Calamity Outfit fortnite season 6 battle pass Released

It is the new “Drift skin” for the female players. 20,000 XP, 50,000 XP, 90,000 XP, 140,000 XP and 200,000 XP are the available unlockable styles for this drift skin. The Calamity Outfit gives a cowboy look to the female player with the cowboy hat and jeans shorts with white top and Mask. You can select the colors but for that, you have to complete some challenges.

DJ Yonder Outfit

DJ Yonder Outfit is one of the amazing and attractive outfits from the starting. It gives you a perfect DJ look with lighting skin and a llama helmet. And the sad part is Dj yonder outfit is not available for customization so you look same always.fortnite season 6 battle pass Released

There are two skins more which are Dire and Dusk both are customizable but you have to earn these by completing the challenges.

Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass available in both the version Paid and Free version. With the paid version you will get most of the features instantly, The paid version of Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass available at 950 V-Bucks ($9.50), you can purchase this from the Game store of fortnite. The free version has also the new features but they are limited and you have to earn them by completing the challenges. Both the paid and free version of Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass offers you weekly challenges but there is also some differences and the main one is the free version will get only three challenges but the paid version will get all seven challenges.

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The Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass available from today 27 sept 2018 and will end with the end of fortnite season 6. And hope so now you know What’s new in Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass. And also if you any suggestions and feedback for us please do comments.


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