Fujifilm X-A5 Camera review & Features

Fujifilm is a familiar name in the photography world. fujifilm just launched their new camera of x series named x-a5.

The previous x series model is x-a3 , and if we compare both them there are no so much updation done in the new x-a5. x-a5 is a mirrorless camera. it is not looked like a professional camera , but beginner photographer or smartphone user who wants some great pictures for college photoshoot or for a trip surely like this one. it is not bad at picture quality but not so good as professional DSLR’s. so here you can find all the features of X-a5 camera with these two points..

Fujifilm X-A5

DESIGN – So starting from the design, design of x-a5 is quite good. a stylish shape with some new experiments. a stylish leather grip for good handling and silver plating on some good area makes it cool. all buttons are designed and placed well and they are easy to hold and press . front side of the camera gives you a vintage and unique look. in the rear side you have got a 3.0 inch tilt angle touchscreen lcd for composing photos. But in the bright light ,the dim display lcd of x-a5 make some problems to you. The rear side control buttons feels you annoying because they sound loud when you press them. so overall a balanced and satisfying look.

Fujifilm X-A5

IMAGE QUALITY & FEATURES -24.2 megapixel camera gives you some quality pictures, you will surely like the image quality of the mirrorless camera x-a5. x-a5 featured with retracting 15-45mm power zoom kit lens. it is a full frame kit lens thats why its look unique from others but nice. the auto focusing feature can impress you, with x-a5 you can shoot a better picture of your Target by focus feature. the colors quality is a plus point to x-a5, a good work done on this feature. x-a5 is good at capturing quick shots. you can click so many quick pictures at a time with the good resolution of 6fps at least. zoom quality is good. 4k quality is the one feature which matters a lot. but for 4k this model will not as much good as you expecting. 4k image quality is good but there is only 15fps resolution you will get in 4k video. The slow motion feature you have got in this model too. and you will like this feature. a must use feature timelapse video shoot. you will surely like to shoot timelapse video at 4k quality.

Some Image Samples :-

Fujifilm X-A5 image sample Fujifilm X-A5 Image sample

Panorama is also a in-built feature of x-a5 and for this x-a5 has two resolution options for you, vertically it can shoot 2160×9600 pixel panorama photo and horizontally it can shoot 6400×1440 resolution pic. the panorama picture is not too much good it is like an OK type feature.

For the pictures x-a5 gives you 11 different presets and 17 quality filters and they are really good. People expecting that this new model got APS-C X-Trans sensor which usually used in high range cameras of fujifilm but this time you have to satisfy with the normal one. the 24.2 megapixel camera is still good. there you find a electronic stabilization feature for captured video.

For normal jpeg and raw fikes X-A5 got seven native ISO settings ranging from ISO 200 to ISO 12,800 . setting menu is looking very easy and handy.

Fujifilm X-A5

The night mode of the camera is quite good, there are some other mode like p mode or bulb mode will help you to take your best shots. Flash feature is divided into four different modes 1.Flash 2nd Curtain Sync 2.Flash Manual Compensation
3.Flash SLow Synchro 4.Flash Off.


Fujifilm X-A5

Specs Highlights :-

  • Retro Design
  • Touchscreen Operation
  • 180° Tilting LCD & Portrait Enhancer for Selfie
  • Macro Photography
  • Wireless Communication
  • 24M APS-C Sensor
  • New 4K Burst Shooting
  • Price ( 40855 Rs)

so overall the image quality is good but not impressed so much. You can share files with x-a5 easily. x-a5 got a wireless connection feature, it did not works with iphone but it going perfectly with Android phones. so you can share files easily. touchscreen lcd of the camera is pretty good but sometimes it takes a little bit more time to open the features. it takes only 0.4 second to starting up.

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so over all if we judged it, it is good option for the learners and for those who are beginners.May be some professional photographer liked it but this is not for professional photography. it looks weak in front of the other cameras of 2018.


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