Now there is no worry if the mobile falls try Mobile Airbag

We are living in generation where Technology becomes our Fourth important need. Everyday a new Technology Gadget comes with something new Features. Here we talking about a new Gadget named ” Mobile airbag “. An engineering student from Germany invent this gadget.

When we listen the word airbag, a picture of car airbag comes in our mind and it has some similar features. The Mobile airbag is a security Gadget for Smartphones. It protects the mobile screen when your mobile falls down from your hand intensely or accidentally.

Mobile airbag

Mobile airbag is looks like a normal mobile case , with some extra features. Mobile airbag is based on sensor Technology. Whenever your phone slipped down from your hands , the sensors Activate itself and the Metal springs goes unfold.

There are total 8 metal springs featured on Mobile airbag. Each corner of Mobile has 2 metal spring on both of the sides , So if your phone falls off from your hands , there is not to worry because both of the sides will remain safe .

The official name of this device is “AD”. “AD” is the short form of Active Demping. Philip Frenzel and his team has taken four years to develop this device.

Airbag preview

A most valuable benefit is that You can use Mobile airbag gadget multiple time because the metal springs, they are foldable and flexible so you can set them again in the mobile case. Philp Frenzel awarded with Mechatronics award because of this invention.

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So a thin smartphone case with the double benefits of Looks and protection available on market. So use it and make your mobile phone safe.


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