Gmail gets a confidential mode feature in the latest update

Gmail has given a very interesting update this week, with a new design and features. after adding a new feature on gmail, now you can delete your sent mails after a fix time according to your mind. i know this seems crazy but yes now this is possible. gmail launch its ‘confidential mode”.

And in this mode you can set a fix time of 1 day to 5 year to delete your sent can use this feature by following these steps..

1. logon to your gmail and go to your home page.

2. now on the left side of your homepage you can see “compose” button. click on this button to compose a mail. your mail box opened on your computer screen, after putting all the mandatory details. you can check a lock

shaped icon on the right corner of the mail on this


4. here you can see “set expiration” option. now click on “set expiration” button. and select the time. you can select the expiration time between 1 day to 5 year.

5. here you can find an another feature. which is called “required pass-code”. by using this feature you can decide to set a pass-code for the receiver, but this is based on your choice.

6. now save the setting, and after that you receive a notification. and than send your mail.

as per your choice your mail expire or delete from gmail after the date you set. so guys i think this one is useful for you. use it and take the advantages.


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