Google Assistant Features New colours and Voices

After made a announcement about new Version of Android P Beta Google is ready again to rolling out their New Colours and Voice Features of Google Assistant. On may 2018 Google announced about it in a conference.

All google home devices and all google Android mobiles which has Android 6.0 or above can enjoy this feature. This feature will ready for use from end of this week. Google assistant will lunch with total New 8 different colours (red,orange,cyan,purple,blue,etc,). There are some new voices will also ready to feature.

Google assistant colours

Google Assistant ready to coming with 6 new voices and John Legends voice is one of them. So you can select one as per your choice. But there is a limitation that you are not suppose to select both the colour and voice as per your choice because the voices are randomly assigned with different colours. So you can select your colour and the one random voice automatically you will get or you can choose your fav voice and forget about your fav colour. May be some lucky user got both together so luck is also matters.

Google Home product
So the question is that how can a user will change the colour or the voice because Google assistant has not a setting menue till yet. So Google team is working on it and when will you get these colours options ( may be in the end of this week ) you will get a setting menue too , where you can change colours or voices as per your mind. And one thing is also upgraded that from this change you can set a new wake word too.

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So a new feature is waiting for you. But there is disappointment for many users that only users of United States can enjoy or use this feature. But company said very soon it will be available for all.


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