Google For India Event 2018 Highlights : Google Tez Renamed

On Thursday Google organize their fourth Google For India event at New Delhi. As always this time time also Google India announced about many of their new services and features for future and some of them are amazing and some are shocking also. Google India released many of their new updates in payment and location services also. So let’s see the changes which announced in Google For India 2018.

Google Tez to Google Pay 

Team Google working on this feature for a long time and now they made it, now Google India changed the name of Google Tez into Google pay. And they want to launch it on a big level from here. Google India also added the Loan facility in Google Pay so if you are eligible so you can take loan from the partners bank of Google Pay. Google India also said that, currently there are total 2.2 crore users of Google Tez and Company wants to increase it before Deepawali Festival. Google India changed only the name but Features of Google Tez still same in Google Pay.Google Tez Turns To Google Pay

Google Assistant In Marathi Language

As per the last records the users of Google assistant increasing continuously and that’s why along with English and Hindi now Google assistant will understand the Marathi language. It will help user to access or search anything in their local language. Google also announced that there are 7 more languages which will release for Google assistant very soon.

Project Navlekha 

Google Navlekha is the first topic of Google for India event 2018. And with the help of this project now any person who is a print publisher can Show their work online with website and it is totally free service. In this project Google India digitalis 1,35,000 publishers.

Google Plus Code

Google India launched this service specially for the residents of Kolkata. Google India launched a Plus Code platform and with the help of this platform Google India gives a new address to those people who doesn’t have any Permanent address.

Google Wi-Fi StationGoogle Wifi Station

In Google for India event Google India announced that Google India will set-up 400+ Google Wi-Fi Hub Station in India and Railtel Company is the co partner in this project. This time it starting in Andhra Pradesh only.

Google Maps

Google Map is one of the most usable app and in this event Google India added a new Turn By Turn feature in this app. Along with this feature now google gives you the access to know your transport info live on google map and redbus is the partner Company in this project. You can book your tickets and track your bus location also with this service.

Google Go

This announcement only made for Android Go users. So now Google go will support Artificial intelligence (AI) system. There is an another feature also released for Google Go and with the help of this now you can read and access any website in your local language. It supports Multiple Indian languages like Hindi,Marathi, Bengali,Tamil etc.

Correct Pronunciation

This feature will release very soon and with the help of this feature Google will tell you the correct pronunciation of each word which you’ll pronounce wrong while using Google voice assistance.

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So these are Top 8 features and changes which Google released in their Google for India event 2018. Some of them are released and some of them will ready for release very soon. So enjoy these new features of Google and send us your reviews about them.


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