Google launched the new android version ” Android Pie ” with smart features

Now the wait is over after so many testing version now Google launched their new Android version Android 9 or you can say Android Pie. All the rumours and the prediction about the name of this new version also cleared. Currently Google launched Android pie only for Google Pixel but they said that very soon in couple of months other Smartphone companies (specially those that participated in Google’s beta program for Android Pie) will get this New version. After all the tests now google is ready to release all their features. Android Pie released with a lots of new features and most of them are so cool and amazing, It provides you shortcuts for everything. So lets take a short feature introduction of new Android Pie.

1. Google released the gesture navigation on this new version. And with this feature you can access all your recent apps by only home buttons, single tap for home and right or left swipe for using recent apps.

2. Android Pie released with lots of smart features and smart suggestions for every search is one the best part of this one. Example if you only type any cab services name it will automatically show you the nearest cab from you in the search box, so you can get all the info from search box.
smart features of android pie
3. The feature that change with most of Android updates is screenshot. And it changed in this version too, In Android Pie for taking screenshot you have to press power button a long and then press the screenshot option. And with that an another option for screenshot is also available on notifications panel so you can take it from there also.

4. An another smart feature of Android pie is that it gives you suggestions for your next move and it based on your previous action, like if you connect the earphones or headphones it will suggest you to do what you done previously most of the times while you plugin the earphones like opening the playlist or calling list or more.Adeptive Brightness and Adeptive Battery

5. An another feature of smart searches you will get in this new version of Android, and that is “if you send a message to someone and you mentioned any club, Hotel, or cafe name in the message And if touch your screen on that perticular name so it will suggest you to book your table on that hotel or cafe by just one click.

6. Android 9 gives you both of the Adeptive Brightness and Adeptive Battery options. With Adeptive Brightness the screen brightness will auto adjust every time as per your eyes need accordingly the environment. And with the adaptive battery it shows you the used battery power records of every app. And you can control it by setting the battery or time limit for the specific app you want.App Dashboard in android pie

7. Now you don’t need to go to the notification panel every time to enable and disable the auto rotation because in Android pie you can also rotate your screen in auto rotation disable mode any time with a single click. Whenever you rotate your mobile you will see a arrow sign in the corner and by clicking on it you will rotate your mobile screen in auto rotation disable mode.

8. A smart respond feature also released with Android pie. And with this feature now you can see your messages on notifications panel and you can also reply to your messages from there. You also edit any screenshot from the notification Panel.

9. Google increase the security level with the new Android version 9. With all upgraded security features it has a lock down button also in the settings. And whenever you don’t feel that your phone data is safe you can push this button and than your phone will be locked, even your voice unlock or fingerprint sensor unlock will disable too. Android 9 will give you the UI controller security for the apps.

10. With every new Android update Google always done some changes with the display look, and this time google also made changes in this version. The changes happened in the settings menu, and now settings menu got some new Colors. And the new multi colour settings menu looks impressive.Smart action feature of Android pie

11. There is an another feature for notifications in New Android Pie. Now when you are in meeting or anywhere else where you don’t want to be disturbed because of notifications, you can block them by a single click. And you can start them also with the same button.

12. While swapping between recent apps you can copy anything without open that perticular app, taking an Example imagine that you are using Netflix and your password or mail id is in message box and opened both now you have to open the recent app bar where from you navigate them and without opening the message box you can copy your id password from the navigation bar.

13. Android pie gives you the feature to connect your mobile’s Bluetooth with 5 more Bluetooth Devices at a time. Although this feature already released earlier in different devices. And with that it gives you another Bluetooth memory feature, so now your Bluetooth has its own memory and from that it can set the volume for different devices and it based on the last use. Taking an example imagine that you connected your Bluetooth with your car music system at a low volume and than you connected it with your computer music system at very high volume and than when will you again connect it with your car it remember the last volume with the car Bluetooth and it will auto fix with that volume.

14. Android Pie supports external USB cameras. And with the developer mode you can create immersive experiences whenever streaming with two or more physical cameras of your device.All features of Android Pie

15. A wind-up or you can call bed time mode also featured with Android pie. With that feature you can set a exact time and in that your mobile notify you for rest time and the screen goes faded and your notification also goes for do not disturb mode.

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So these are the features of new Android Pie and with that google also launched a well-being program which is only for Android 9 users. So If yGou are a pixel user you can check for software update because very soon it will available for all pixel device. So enjoy these features and send us your reviews about them.



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