Now You Can Use Your Android Phone As A physical security key

Use Your Android Phone As A physical security key android smartphone as a security key

Highlights: Yesterday Google announced about its new security method and with that method now you will be able to use your Android phone as a physical security key. As of now, this feature is only released for Android smartphones with…

There have been frequent cyber attacks on the Internet in the past few years, no matter whether it is a 2018 Facebook accounts hacked case, or a case of dangerous emails coming to Gmail in 2018, or the case of stealing 1.2 billion logins and passwords from one of the world’s trusted security company “Hold Security” in 2014, after all these continuous cyber attacks it is becoming very difficult to keep our personal information safe which available on the Internet. Although Keeping these attacks in mind, many big IT companies issued different security methods and solutions, But most of them did not prove effective, yet two of them were liked very much by experts and they were, 2 Factor authentication method and Security Key method.

From both of these, the 2 Factor authentication method was used by most people last year because it is a free method, for which no additional gadget is required. But most of the people do not know that the 2 Factor authentication method is not completely safe, it can be hacked. Security Key method is a more secure method than the 2 Factor authentication method, in which you are given a Physical Key prior to login and without which no one can log in to any of your IDs. Many companies have released this key in the market and Google is one of them, but the concept of Security Key has not been successful among the people, and the reason why most people have not used this method was its expensive price. But, like the last several times, once again Google has solved its solution, where these security keys were proving to be expensive for the people, Google has completely free it. Even you will not have to buy anything, now you may be wondering what this will be a Security Key, which will work without purchasing, then this new security key will be nothing else but your Android smartphone.

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So yes, now Google will now let you use your Android phone as a physical security key. Google announced yesterday, that any person, who has Android phone with running Android 7 or above can now use their Android phone as a physical security key. The method of using android phone as physical security key is a part of 2FA method But OTP will not be enough to login via this method, you also have to connect your Android phone to your computer. And to connect your phone to a computer, you need to connect your phone to the Bluetooth of the computer. Although there are many advantages to using this new method, but the two biggest benefits which are seen are that, first of all, this method is safer than your regular SMS verification method, and the second There is no need to pay any kind of charge to use this method.

Use your Android phone as a physical security key can help prevent fake logins when someone (who is not the authorized person) gets your password, which is important when several cyber attacks can put your accounts at risk. And to save you from these cyber attacks, Google recommends that everyone use android phone as a security key, especially those who are a “journalists, activists, business leaders, and political campaign teams” because they are at risk of targeted online attacks.

This new method works very similarly to Google Prompt, like, whenever you log in to your Gmail account from an unknown device, you receive a prompt from Google on your mobile screen, in the same way when you log in to your account via this method, even then you will receive a prompt in your mobile. which you have to allow, but what makes this method more secure is that in this method your phone should be near the computer and connected to computer Bluetooth at that time. So that’s about the new security key method of Google, now let’s see how can you use your Android phone as a physical security key…

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How You Can Use Your Android Phone As A physical security key

So you don’t need to go through a long and tough process to use your Android phone as a physical security key, what you have to do is follow these simple steps which I shared below…

  1. Get an Android phone running Android 7 or above version and a separate Chrome browser either on a Chrome OS, macOS, or Windows 10 device.
  2. Then login to your Google account on your android phone and turn on the Bluetooth.
  3. After that, go to your Computer or whatever the second device you’re using and open your chrome browser and open the link
  4. Now tap on “two-step verification” option and then select the option to “add a security key”. Now select your android phone from the list of devices, you will get there.

So that’s how you can activate your Android phone as a security key. Google also recommend you to register a backup security key to your account and keeping it in a safe place, so you can get into your account if you lose your phone but that’s all up to you because purchasing an extra security key can be costly.


So as of now, this new service of Google is only available on Android smartphones. And at present, you can only use your Android phone as a physical security key on Gmail, G Suite, Google Cloud, and any other Google account service, and uses the FIDO authentication standard. Google believes that other websites might join in very soon, but right now it’s still in the process of certifying its authentication service. So use this new method if it is available for you and if it isn’t so we’ll hope that very soon it will be available for you.

So this is everything about Google’s new security key method. Hopefully, now you know how to use your Android phone as a physical security key but still, if you any questions about how to use your Android phone as a physical security key so you can ask us in the comments section.


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